Video Flashback

Yeah, yeah…I’ve been slacking on the blog again lately…but, hopefully, this will make up for it.

Let’s go back to the 80’s…and some great moments in the Portland Winterhawks vs. Kamloops Blazers history.

Video 1 – Regular season game between the two when Rob Brown spears Dan Woodley in the final minutes with a few goal lead…the Hawks get a five minute power play and comes back to win…here are the final two goals.  (BTW…watch the crowd…holy cow…can we have this spirit for this upcoming series?):

Video 2 – 1987 West Final

Video 3 – 1989 West Final – Game 2 – Hawks down 5-1 in the third, rally to win 6-5 to take a 2-0 series lead:

Video 4 – In 1986-87 Jim Latos and Rudy Poeschek had two epic fights…this is round 2…

Fired up, yet?

Game 1 of the Winterhawks and Blazers goes Friday night at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum…tickets available at


  1. Dennis Holland was the face off goal master back in those days.

  2. 3′ glass! That will get the crowd into the game

  3. Andy, can you find the big brawl they had back in the 80’s?

    Thanks for posting those!!! AWESOME!

  4. Here’s a good one…

  5. I love it big lebowski, also the clip that you posted ;)

  6. That video is classic. Love the name bars on the Hawks and none on the visitors. Have fun in round two and be nice with Keen will ya? ;)

  7. Hey Andy …just one word – THANKS!!

  8. Can you find the original Latos-Poeschek fight? It was also a classic. Thanks for setting the pace for a great series.

  9. Those Cooperalls sure take me back to when I played as a kid. Hillarious!

  10. Thanks for posting that video, Big Lebowski. I was at that game and remember it well.

  11. Thanks for posting that video, Big Lebowski. I was at that game and remember it well. Thank you too, Andy, for posting the other videos. The crowd looks incredible!

  12. I was there for the big brawl during the 80’s. I believe it was against Prince Albert, a bench clearing brawl. They actually brought in the Portland police to break it up. I was there for the great series against Kamloops also, brings back memories.

  13. Hey Andy:
    How about some updates on this upcoming season? Your last post was almost 5 months ago. How do the Hawks look in 2012-13

  14. Brian,
    the blogger has left the building.


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