Happy New Year

It’s been a while since I posted here…and I’m not really sure what the future holds for this space.

I have increasingly less time to devote to adding commentary to this blog and it seem the convenience of posting things in the 140 character world of Twitter has taken precedence.

I do want to thank those that stop by here from time to time to check it out and who knows, maybe I’ll continue to add updates later on.

For now, you can follow me on Twitter by searching for @AndyKemper.

Happy New Year!


  1. Andy there are those of us who don’t want to give up our privacy just to read your valuable comments. Please don’t give up on those of us who value your comments but don’t want Twitter et al acces to our private information.

  2. Hey Don…you can read my valuable comments in the upper right hand part of this page as those that I put on Twitter show up there. I certainly don’t want any access to your private information…so, nothing to worry about.


  3. Andy,
    Understand the lack of time. Please find your way here when you get the chance. Hard to get much Winterhawk info over here, the internet is my only way. Thanks for all you do,

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