Bantam Draft Thread…

1st Round – #1 overall: Derrick Pouliot, D, Weyburn, SK- 5’11, 165

08-09: Weyburn Wings (SSMHL AA bantam) — 26gp-25g-38a-63pts-24pim
08-09: Moose Jaw Warriors (SMHL AAA midget) — 5gp-1g-1a-2pts-0pim
08-09: Moose Jaw Warriors (Macs Midget Tournament) — 4gp-3g-2a-5pts-2pim
08-09: Weyburn Wings (Saskatoon bantam tournament) — 3gp-3g-3a-6pts-2pim
08-09: Weyburn Wings (Western Bantam Championships) — 4gp-2g-2a-4pts-6pim
07-08: Weyburn Wings (SSMHL AA bantam) — 26gp-6g-24a-30pts-18pim

The Hawks young d-corps grows with the selection of Pouliot, who will be eligible for the 2010-11 season when players like Troy Rutkowski, Joe Morrow and Daniel Johnston will be 18 year olds and Tyler Wotherspoon will be 17.  Right now, that d-corps looks pretty strong to me.

Pouliot is described as very poised, offensively gifted and a pure skater.

2nd Round – #24 overall:  Taylor Leier, RW, Saskatoon, SK – 5’10, 155

08-09: Saskatoon Outlaws (SMHA AA bantam) — 62gp-69g-68a-137pts-82pim
08-09: Saskatoon Contacts (SMHL AAA midget) — 2gp-2g-0a-2pts-0pim
08-09: Saskatoon Outlaws (Saskatoon bantam tournament) — 3gp-3g-5a-8pts-4pim

Obviously, great offensive numbers…has really grown in two years – listed at 5’4, 110 for the 2007-08 season.

This marks just the second time in Winter Hawks Bantam Draft history that the first two selections come from Saskatchewan (previous time – 2000 – Braydon Coburn {#1 overall} and Brett Novak {#19 overall}).  We know about Coburn, but Novak was dealt to Prince Albert in a deal for Garrett Prosofsky.

3rd Round – #59 overall:  Reece Wilcox, D, Surrey, BC

09 BC Cup – 4gp-0g-1a-1pt

08-09: Surrey Thunder (KIBIHT) — 5gp-2g-4a-6pts-0pim
08-09: Surrey Thunder (PoCo bantam AAA tournament) — 6gp-1g-3a-4pts-0pim
08-09: Surrey Thunder (South Delta AAA bantam tournament) — 3gp-0g-0a-0pts-0pim

4th Round – #68 overall:  A.J. Michaelson, C, Apple Valley, MN – 5’10, 160

08-09:  Apple Valley HS (MNHS) — 21gp-9g-10a-19pts-6pim

08-09:  Apple Valley HS (Playoffs) — 3gp- 3g-2a-5pts-0pim

Michaelson is the third selection for the Hawks from the state of Minnesota…the other two were Vince Nash (9th rd 2007) and Michael Sauer (5th rd 2003).

6th Round – #112 overall:  Brendan Leipsic, LW, Winnipeg, MB – 5’6, 124

08-09: Winnipeg Monarchs (WMHA AAA bantam) — 29gp-16g-20a-36pts-38pim
08-09: Winnipeg Monarchs (WMHA AA midget) — 1gp-0g-0a-0pts-4pim
08-09: Winnipeg Monarchs (St. Albert AAA bantam tournament) — 5gp-2g-2a-4pts-14pim
08-09: Winnipeg Monarchs (Western Bantam Championships) — 4gp-4g-3a-7pts-10pim
07-08: Winnipeg Monarchs (WMHA AAA bantam) — 2gp-0g-0a-0pts-2pim
07-08: Winnipeg Monarchs (WMHA AA bantam) — 28gp-20g-15a-35pts-62pim

Leading scorer in the Bantam 1 Division of the Winnipeg City AAA Bantam League.  Just the 13th player from Manitoba ever selected by Portland in the Bantam Draft (Tri City may have had 13 players from Manitoba on their roster last year!).  The only Manitoba born players drafted higher have been Luke Molotowsky (#18 ’98), Frazer McLaren (#32 ’02), Cody McLeod (#60 ’99), Rick Lecuyer (#70 ’02), Travis Mealy (#109 ’00) and Aaron Lewadniuk (#110 ’04).

Also, of note…just the second time in 19 years that Portland had not had a selection from Alberta in their Top 5…the other year was 2005 (Thomas Frazee – BC, Ty Ariss – SK, Colin Reddin – CA, Devon Marshall – BC, Tayler Jordan – SK).  They have never had six picks without one being from Alberta (6th pick in 2005 was goaltender Julien Laplante from Edmonton).

7th Round – #134 overall:  Brayden Low, C, Richmond, BC

09 BC Cup – 4gp-1g-0a-1pt

08-09:  Richmond AAA Blues (BC AAA Bantam) – 71gp-23g-36a-59pts-70pim

7th Round – #149 overall:  Troy Stecher, D, Richmond, BC

09 BC Cup – 4gp-0g-1a-1pt

08-09:  Richmond AAA Blues (BC AAA Bantam) – 71gp-17g-51a-68pts-30pim

The pick acquired from Spokane…in exchange for a 6th rounder in 2010…

Stecher was Richmond’s Bantam Rep Player Of the Year for 2008-09…

8th Round – #156 overall:  Josh Hanson, D, Anchorage, AK – 6’1, 175

08-09: Alaska All-Stars (USA AAA bantam) — 36gp-9g-16a-25pts-34pim
08-09: Alaska All-Stars (Alaska AAA bantam state championships) — 5gp-1g-0a-1pts-2pim

Just the second Alaskan ever taken in the Bantam Draft by Portland…the other was Brandon Dubinsky in the 5th round of 2002.

9th Round – #178 overallAdam Smith, C, Nanaimo, BC

09 BC Cup – 4gp-0g-4a-4pts

10th Round – #200 overall:  Adam de Champlain, C, Sherwood Park, AB – 5’8, 125

08-09: Sherwood Park Flyers (AMBHL AAA bantam) — no stats
08-09: Sherwood Park Flyers (AMBHL AAA bantam – PLF) — 2gp-0g-0a-0pts-0pim
08-09: Sherwood Park Flyers (Edmonton AAA bantam tournament) — 5gp-2g-2a-4pts-8pim
08-09: Sherwood Park Flyers (KIBIHT) — 6gp-1g-0a-1pts-8pim
08-09: Northeast Flyers (Alberta Cup) — 5gp-0g-1a-1pts-10pim

11th Round – #222 overall:  Jake Montgomery, LW, Oakdale, MN – 6’1, 185

08-09: Shattuck-St. Mary’s (USA AAA bantam) — 41gp-30g-24a-54pts-45pim

(Many thanks to Alan Caldwell for the vast majority of these stats!)


New PWH Blog…

The staff of the Portland Winter Hawks have put together a new blog regarding the team and it can be found at:

From there you can find links to their new Twitter and Flickr sites…

This blog will continue as well…and I’ll have updates on Thursday regarding the 2009 Bantam Draft that starts at 7:15 AM Portland time…

Bantam Draft History…

I thought it would be interesting to see what notable names of WHL history were selected at the picks that Portland has this year in the 2009 Bantam Draft.

I already gave you the 1st rounders…here are some notable names that were picked where the Hawks will select this year:

#24 overall — Notables – Ty Wishart (PG ’03); Jason Beeman (TC ’01); Shaun Norrie (CAL ’97); Portland has selected three players at #24 – Shon Jones-Parry (’95); Tyler Grover (’98); Kyzen Loo (’07).

#59 overall — Notable – Cam Paddock (KEL ’98)

#68 overall — Notables – Brad Priestlay (EDM ’98); Gord Baldwin (MH ’02); Taylor Peters (POR ’07)

#112 overall — Notable – Mike Lee (TC ’96)

#134 overall — Notables – Tristan Grant (LET ’98); Jonathan Blum (VAN ’04)

#156 overall — Notable – Keith Voytechek (SAS ’02)

#178 overall — Notables – Cullen Morin (MJ ’04); Lee Morrow (MH ’05)

#200 overall — Notables – None

#222 overall — Notables – None

#231 overall — Notable – Scott Wasden (REG ’03)

Stay tuned to, and this site for Bantam Draft updates on Thursday…

Bantam Draft on Thursday…

I’m back from a week on the East Coast…with the Bantam Draft coming up on Thursday in Edmonton, I thought that I would post where the Hawks will select for each round:

1st Round – #1 overall

Thanks to the victory in the WHL Bantam Draft Lottery, the Hawks will pick 1st overall.  I’m sure they are getting offers for this pick, so it will be interesting to see if a deal is made like they did two years ago, when they moved the pick to Moose Jaw (who selected Quinton Howden) and the Hawks took Brad Ross at #5.  Here is the complete list of who has gone #1 overall in the WHL since the start of the Bantam Draft:

1990 – Darcy Mattersdorfer – Victoria

1991 – Adam Smith – Tacoma

1992 – Mike McBain – Red Deer

1993 – Martin Hohenberger – Victoria

1994 – Jarret Smith – Prince George

1995 – Chris Nielsen – Calgary

1996 – Steve McCarthy – Edmonton

1997 – Jarret Stoll – Edmonton

1998 – Jay Bouwmeester – Medicine Hat

1999 – Ryan Hollweg – Medicine Hat

2000 – Braydon Coburn – Portland

2001 – Kyle Chipchura – Prince Albert

2002 – Gilbert Brule – Vancouver

2003 – Jonathan Toews – Tri City

2004 – Ryan Kerr – Prince George

2005 – Colten Teubert – Regina

2006 – Jared Cowen – Spokane

2007 – Quinton Howden – Moose Jaw

2008 – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins – Red Deer

2nd Round – #24 overall (Portland’s pick)

3rd Round – Portland traded their pick (#46 overall) to Tri City in exchange for Brock Cornish.  Portland has the #59 pick (from Swift Current) for the Mark Guggenberger trade.  The trade involving Guggenberger was originally a 6th rounder, but there was a stipulation that if Guggenberger was still on a WHL roster in October of 2008, the pick would become a 3rd rounder.

4th Round – #68 overall (Portland’s pick)

5th Round – No selection – pick #90 traded to Vancouver for Phil Gervais.

6th Round – #112 overall (Portland’s pick)

7th Round – #134 overall (Portland’s pick)

8th Round – #156 overall (Portland’s pick)

9th Round – #178 overall (Portland’s pick)

10th Round – #200 overall (Portland’s pick)

11th Round – #222 overall (Portland’s pick) and #231 overall (from Lethbridge – acquired in a trade that sent an 11th round pick to Lethbridge in 2008)

I doubt the Hawks will take that many picks…but you never know.

You have to make space for all of the 1994 born players on your 50 player protected list at the draft, so there will be some player movement on the protected list that day.  Portland will have seven open spots on the list as the 1988 born players (Brandl – graduated) and the 1989 born players (Mucha, Ehrhardt, Francis, Valchar, Schneider, Kerr) are all put on a special “overage” list and they won’t count toward the 50 man total on the day of the draft.  (Brock Cornish is already on an extended injury list and he doesn’t count toward the 50 man protected list as well.)

If the Hawks select more than seven players, that means that they have dropped other players from the protected list.

For Head Coach and GM Mike Johnston’s comments on the upcoming draft and other topics, visit

To answer another question, the Hawks will host a prospect camp in Calgary in June, and I believe it will be the weekend of the 12-14th.

That’s it for now…

Canada to play for Bronze…


Canada 1 – United States 2 (Game Complete)

FARGO, N.D. – The United States scored two third-period power-play goals and defeated Canada 2-1 in Friday’s semifinal action at the world under-18 hockey championship.

Jerry D’Amigo scored the winner with just under seven minutes remaining in regulation for the Americans after Jeremy Morin had tied the game with just over 10 minutes left.

IIHF Stats | Team Canada Photo Gallery

Both goals came on the power play as Canada took four minor penalties in the third.

“In the third I thought (the Americans) were skating,” Canadian head coach Mike Johnston said. “They carried good speed they had some quick forwards, and as a result you sometimes take some penalties against speed like that.”

Dylan Olsen had given Canada a 1-0 lead on a two-man advantage in the second period.

The game featured excellent goaltending at both ends of the ice. Oshawa Generals netminder Michael Zador played a strong game in goal for Canada, making 42 saves. Jack Campbell stopped 32 shots for the U.S.

“Both goaltenders played well,” Johnston said. “(Campbell) held them in the game in the first period, when I thought we really dominated.

Zador came up big in the second and into the third and held us in the game when they were really pressuring us.”

Russia beat Finland 4-0 in Friday’s other semifinal and will meet the Americans in the gold-medal game on Sunday. Evgeni Kuznetsov had two goals and two assists for Russia.

Johnston said he anticipates a close final.

“It’s such a close tournament between the top teams that special teams are a big big factor,” Johnston said. “Whoever can be disciplined and whoever can take advantage of their power play will probably win that game.”

Canada and Finland will play for bronze in Sunday’s early game.

“We played Finland once in exhibition once in exhibition play. They’ve got a very good team,” Johnston said. “We know how they’re team plays and we’ll be prepared for them like we have for the other opponents.”

In relegation round action at Moorhead, Minn., Germany gave up a 4-1 lead against Slovakia, but rebounded to win 5-4 in double overtime.

Both teams wrap up relegation round play on Saturday.

Game Information/Reseignements sur le match
Event/Événement 2009 World U-18 Champ. Location/Emplacement Fargo, ND
Date Fri. Apr. 17, 2009 Arena/Aréna Urban Plains Center
Time/Heure 19:30 CEN Attendance/Assistance -,—
Round/Ronde Semi-Final Game # 26
Box Score/Compte
First Period/Première période
Goals/Buts :

Penalties/Pénalités :
07:23 USA Jerry D’Amigo (Illegal Equipment/Équipement non réglementaire)
13:38 USA Kevin Lynch (Tripping/Faire trébucher)

Second Period/Deuxième période
Goals/Buts :
18:18 CAN Dylan Olsen (Calvin de Haan, Joey Hishon) PP/AN

Penalties/Pénalités :
06:46 CAN Taylor Doherty (Slashing/Coup de bâton)
13:04 CAN Brett Connolly (High-sticking/Bâton élevé)
16:17 USA Chris Brown (Slashing/Coup de bâton)
16:17 CAN Peter Holland (Slashing/Coup de bâton)
17:16 USA Jerry D’Amigo (Interference/Obstruction)
17:50 USA Kevin Lynch (Slashing/Coup de bâton)
19:43 USA Ryan Bourque (Interference/Obstruction)

Third Period/Troisième période
Goals/Buts :
09:27 USA Jeremy Morin (Cam Fowler, Jerry D’Amigo) PP/AN
13:06 USA Jerry D’Amigo (Cam Fowler) PP/AN

Penalties/Pénalités :
02:53 CAN Kyle Clifford (Interference/Obstruction)
03:53 USA Drew Shore (Hooking/Accrocher)
08:24 CAN John McFarland (Slashing/Coup de bâton)
10:21 CAN Byron Froese (Hooking/Accrocher)
12:26 CAN Garrett Mitchell (Slashing/Coup de bâton)
20:00 CAN Kyle Clifford (Misconduct/Inconduite)

Goaltenders CAN Michael Zador
Gardiens de but USA Jack Campbell

Shots on Goal Team 1 p 2 p 3 p Ttl
Shots on Goal CAN 14 12 7 33
Tirs au but USA 5 18 21 44

Referee/Arbitre Owe Luthcke (NOR), Milan Minar (CZE)
Linesmen/Juges des lignes Andreas Kowert (GER), Sakari Suominen (FIN)

Johnston/Canada U18 Remain Unbeaten…Advance to Medal Round…


Canada 4 – Sweden 2

FARGO, N.D. – Tuesday’s win was worth plenty to Canada at the world under-18 hockey championship.

Joey Hishon of the OHL’s Owen Sound Attack scored twice, including the game winner, as the Canadians earned a berth in the semifinal with a 4-2 win over Sweden. The victory cemented top spot in Pool A for Canada (4-0), while the Swedes (3-1) finished second.
Canadian head coach Mike Johnston said the victory was a significant one.

“It’s certainly important in a tournament like this,” said Johnston, who coaches the WHL’s Portland Winter Hawks. “This gives us an extra day off, which means extra time to practise.

IIHF Stats | Team Canada Photo Gallery

“You look at the other side, too, and we would have had to play Finland, the U.S. or Russia in the quarters. That’s a tough matchup for anybody.”

Byron Froese of the WHL’s Everett Silvertips had a first-period goal and Brett Connolly of the WHL’s Prince George Cougars added an empty-netter as the Canadians put together a solid effort against a star-studded Swedish team. John McFarland of the OHL’s Sudbury Wolves added a pair of assists.

Johnston credited his players with executing the team’s game plan to perfection.

“We really did,” said Johnston. “We had set matchups we wanted, and we got them. Our players responded – we knew the Swedes would come out strong, and we played well against them.”

Despite the spotless record, Johnston knows his team has some work to do – particularly on special teams, an area of concern for the Canadian team the past two games.

“I think the key thing is special teams,” said Johnston. “We’re going to continue to work on that. Our power play will be better … with any new group, special teams is about building cohesion and getting in sync.”

Canada broke a scoreless deadlock late in the first period, with Froese and Hishon scoring 36 seconds apart to build a 2-0 lead through 20 minutes. Gabriel Landeskog cut the lead in half just 3:30 into the second period, but Hishon restored the two-goal cushion a minute-and-a-half later.

“I have to give all the credit to (McFarland) on that one,” said Hishon. “He did all the work on that play, I just had to tap the puck into the net. It was definitely a big goal.”

Tim Erixon moved Sweden to within one midway through the second period, but Canada held on from there, led by Michael Zador’s 16 third-period saves. The Oshawa Generals netminder stopped 36 shots to preserve the win.

“I felt like (the Swedes) were more desperate with their plays in the third period,” said Zador. “Our team really focused on blocking shots, and that helped us hold on to our lead.”

Swedish goalie Robin Lehner stopped 40 shots in defeat.

The other Pool A game saw Switzerland (1-3) roll to an 8-3 win over Germany (1-3) at Moorhead, Minn. The German defeat means the Czech Republic (1-2-1) finishes third in the pool, and will face the second-place finisher in Pool B in a quarter-final game Thursday.

The Swedes will take on the third-place team in Pool B in Thursday’s other quarter-final.

In Pool B action Tuesday night, Slovakia (1-2) faced Finland (2-1) and the U.S. (3-0) tangled with Russia (2-1).

Game Information/Reseignements sur le match
Event/Événement 2009 World U-18 Champ. Location/Emplacement Fargo, ND
Date Tue. Apr. 14, 2009 Arena/Aréna Urban Plains Center
Time/Heure 16:00 CEN Attendance/Assistance -,—
Round/Ronde Preliminary Game # 18
Box Score/Compte
First Period/Première période
Goals/Buts :
17:13 CAN Byron Froese (Brett Connolly, Curtis Hamilton)
17:49 CAN Joey Hishon (John McFarland)

Penalties/Pénalités :
01:03 CAN Simon Déspres (Delay of Game/Retarder le match)
05:09 SWE Tim Erixon (Holding/Retenir)
09:44 SWE Gabriel Landeskog (Interference/Obstruction)
19:27 CAN Brett Connolly (Slashing/Coup de bâton)

Second Period/Deuxième période
Goals/Buts :
03:30 SWE Gabriel Landeskog (Anton Lander, Tim Erixon) PP/AN
05:00 CAN Joey Hishon (Peter Holland, John McFarland)
11:40 SWE Tim Erixon (Calle Jarnkrok) PP/AN

Penalties/Pénalités :
02:23 CAN Bench (Too Many Players/Trop de joueuses)
11:04 CAN John McFarland (Elbowing/Donner du coude)
13:03 SWE Peter Andersson (Interference/Obstruction)
13:32 SWE Simon Bertilsson (Boarding/Donner de la bande)

Third Period/Troisième période
Goals/Buts :
19:44 CAN Brett Connolly (Calvin de Haan)

Penalties/Pénalités :
01:13 SWE Gabriel Landeskog (Holding/Retenir)
04:01 CAN Simon Déspres (Delay of Game/Retarder le match)
12:49 CAN Curtis Hamilton (High-sticking/Bâton élevé)
13:54 SWE Calle Jarnkrok (Slashing/Coup de bâton)

Goaltenders CAN Michael Zador
Gardiens de but SWE Robin Lehner

Shots on Goal Team 1 p 2 p 3 p Ttl
Shots on Goal CAN 14 16 13 43
Tirs au but SWE 13 9 16 38

Referee/Arbitre Keith Kaval (USA), Travis Smith (USA)
Linesmen/Juges des lignes Andreas Kowert (GER), Jonathan Morrison (USA)

Ponich Ranked By CSB…

For the first time, Winter Hawks defenseman Brett Ponich has cracked the Central Scouting NHL Draft Rankings.  He is ranked 151st among North American skaters.

The list can be found at:

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