I am the radio color analyst for the Portland Winter Hawks of the Western Hockey League.  All views expressed here are my own and are not necessarily representative of the Portland Winter Hawks and their management or the Western Hockey League or their manangement.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Welcome Back Andy!!!!

  2. AK, I like the new look of your blog over here. I updated my links for you…

    Thanks for everything… Just an FYI, the url for mine is wrong on your links… Thanks!


  3. Andy, please let us all know if the Memorial Cup is going to be shown in the Portland area other than on the internet. I’m very pumped up about Spokane’s winning spirit. Thanks, Tom..

  4. Andy–
    I’m sure you saw this:


  5. Andy.. Just a quick note to say hello and I hope you and your family had a great summer. I am looking forward to seeing you again this year at the games, as I prepare for having the building ready to play hockey. There have been good improvements to the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum during the off season.
    Myself, I spent some time over in Hawaii working on the refit project of Aloha Stadium and also working on my ranch in Molalla. Time flew by. See ya at “HAWKEY TOWN!”
    Respectfully Tony

  6. Check this out:

  7. Andy,

    Thanks so much for the kind words in your recent blog. I miss hockey and everyone involved so much. I am working for MTR and have been very busy. They are a great company and it is good for me to be where I am.

    Wouldn’t you know a trip east in the fall of the year. Sometimes life is not fair – just kidding of course.

    Because of work I have not been able to see a practice or game. That will quickly change. I hope to be involved with the Hawks in some form.

    Give my best to everyone. Have a great trip east!!! GO HAWKS!!!!


  8. Hi Andy,

    You seem to be the guy that knows all things about the Hawks. I was hoping to send an email to the new management of the team. Any idea how a person would find the email address of Coach Johnston or another member of the head office staff?


  9. Hi Andy,

    Hate to be a pain, but for some reason, the email address you sent me has bounced back. Do you have an alternate email address that I should try?

    thanks again

  10. Hi Andy, What happen to Scott Gabriel? Was he released also why was Anderson released?

  11. Hi Andy, I have been looking for a while now, maybe you can help me… here’s an email I have sent to several people with no response…

    I was wondering if there was any way to purchase a DVD of the 1998 Memorial Cup winning game from Spokane? My mom and step dad recently moved to Colorado and therefore had to give up their front row season tickets that they’ve had for years. I had an old VHS of the game but it has not survived well over the years. I would love for my parents (and myself) to have a copy of this game (it was also on their first anniversary). I know someone has to have a video of this game somewhere, I am just looking to see if you know anywhere, anyhow I could possibly purchase a copy of that game. Thank you, Amy

  12. Hi there! I’ve been following the blog for a while… I’m coming home to PDX for Tgiving, and was wondering what it might take to get photo credentials (if such a thing exists in the WHL) to get some ice-level pictures of the team on the 29th.

    I’ve been blogging the Hershey Bears for the last year and a half, and insidehockey.com just took me on as a photographer, so I have some clue what’s going on, just not who to approach out there.



  13. Hi Andy,

    I was told you were looking for stats for one of your list players who plays in our system. We keep stats internally but do not publish them.

    Corbin Boes
    #30 Saskatoon Steel Midget Tier 1 Steel
    GP 10
    Wins 5
    Losses 2
    Ties 3
    26 Goals Against
    2.60 GAA

    Merry Christmas


  14. Andy,

    I would like to touch base with you regarding advertising on the blog. Send me an email when you have a moment.

  15. the question I have is when is the last time that Portland beat Seattle and Everett in consecutive games like the last two?

  16. Andy,

    Have been enjoying all your broadcasts. Tough luck on equipment failure that caused you to go to the phone system during the Spokane game. You did well!

    You look good on the FSN broadcasts too. Hope to see you and the Hawks on more regional coverage.

    Have a safe trip up North.

    GO HAWKS !!!


  17. Andy,

    Let’s talk about getting this site into the Hockey Ad Network. We launched in December and have since added twenty-one publishers, including two teams in the WHL. Shoot me an email and let me know your availability to discuss this week.

    Craig Swerdloff

  18. Hi, sorry for the dumb question. I enjoy your blog, but I want to receive emails when you post a new blog entry during the offseason. I don’t understand RSS feed technology. Can you post a How To page/link on your blog for people? Thanks.

  19. Hey Andy, thanks for keeping us all up to date with the U18’s. I was wondering if you knew the sepcific dates of the developement camp that is set to take place in Clagary during June were? Thanks in advance and once again thank you for every little tidbit of information and answers to every random question I have had in the past, it is much appreciated.

    Have a great rest of the summer.
    Trevor McKee

  20. Andy,

    Long time no talk. Brad Neitling here. Larry’s youngest. Moving back to Portland in the next couple of weeks after 4 years in Chicago, 5 years in Minneapolis, and 3 years in Orange County, CA. Looking forward to seeing some Winterhawks Hockey again after being gone so long.

    Congrats on the Play by Play.

    Brad Neitling

  21. Andy,

    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you: http://tinyurl.com/sharebuttons

    Hope you find it helpful!


  22. Hey Andy,
    Are the practices open to the public this year? what are the times and where?
    Thanks Lee

  23. Andy,

    I thought I was having a severe brain block while watching the game against Chilliwack on Friday. Walker was wearing 20, Jordan was wearing 32 and I thought I spotted a 9 on the ice as well. Was it a jersey issue or were the Hawks making sure everyone was paying attention. All was back to normal in Seattle the next night. Please help a girl out here and let me know what gives….Thanks in advance.

  24. “Rob Faulds not being able to pronounce Ryan Johansen’s name right on Sportsnet is flat out embarrasing.” I noticed that you got Tyler Hansen’s name wrong about 10 times in the first 2 periods of the Blazers game before you corrected yourself. Trevor – Tyler not even close. Don’t be too critical when you aren’t so perfect yourself.

  25. Last I checked…Tyler Hansen wasn’t the #4 overall selection in the NHL Entry Draft…but that doesn’t excuse me for the mistake, it was just on a much smaller scale than Faulds messing up on a national TV broadcast in Canada.

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