Weekend Wrap…

Sorry for no posts this weekend…but it was a fun weekend at the Winterhawks Skating Center watching the current and future Winterhawks battle it out for the Neely Cup.  The scrimmages were fast paced, energetic, exciting and even provided a bit of drama for those that attended.

After the final scrimmage on Sunday, the team narrowed the camp roster down to about 35-40 players, but I haven’t seen an official list yet.  I do know that with school starting (or having started) that all of the 1996 born players have returned home to get going in school and to prepare for their seasons in Midget hockey.

And, I will say that I was quite impressed with the 1996 born players that took part – draft picks Zach Paterson, Tyler Sandhu, Dominic Turgeon, Mitch Skapski, Michael Fortin, Ryan Norman, Josh Blanchard, Ryan Collins, and Rhett Willcox all had good moments during the scrimmages and the future looks bright.  Add in Layne Viveiros (born in 1995) and the 2011 Bantam Draft class looks very solid.

Also, list player Keegan Iverson turned a few heads with his size, speed and grit…showing the signs of a future power forward.

I hope that those that tuned into our webstream on www.live365.com enjoyed the show.  It was our first foray into that website and it went really well.  So well that we will use it again for all of the preseason games.

Once you go to the website, register for free and do a search for “Winterhawks” and that will bring up our Internet station that will be playing Winterhawks audio 24 hours a day.  There is also a free app available on the iPhone, Android marketplace and Blackberry app market.  I’ve loaded it on my Droid and it works great…you can listen to all Winterhawks, all the time.

Todd Vrooman has done a lot of work getting that up and running…so, thanks to Todd!

That’s it for now…I’m ready for preseason games…



  1. We were REALLY impressed with 15 Year old Aden Hill.

  2. Hows it looking for Cody Castro to make the season roster

  3. HUGE thanks from this android user. Going to get that app right now!

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