Neely Cup – Day 2…

Day 2 had more good action at the daily scrimmages as you could tell that the players looked more comfortable than they did on Day 1, and also you could tell that there were some tired bodies as well at times.  These players have been pushed hard in camp with on-ice and off-ice workouts on top of the scrimmages and that just reinforces the work ethic it takes to be a top major junior hockey player.

Here are some of the numbers:

Team Hossa (Black) vs. Team Messier (Blue):

Game 1:

Team Blue: 3 (Seth Swenson  1 G-2 A, Brandon Zajecek 1 G, William Wrenn 1 G)

Team Black: 2 (Presten Kopeck 1 G, Oliver Gabriel 1 G, Logan Fisher 2 A)

Game 2:

Team Black: 5 ( Oliver Gabriel 2 G-1 A, Jason Trott 1 G, Joe Morrow 1 G, Ryley Bennefield 1 G-1 A, Keagan Iverson 2 A)

Team Blue: 1 (Brad Ross 1 G, Evan Reid 1 A)

Team Deadmarsh (Red) vs. Team Ference (Gray):

Game 1:

Team Red: 3 (Nic Petan 1 G-1 A, Cody Castro 1 G, Troy Rutkowski 1 G)

Team Gray: 2 (Tyler Sandhu 1 G-1 A, Riley Boychuk 1 G)

Game 2:

Team Red: 3 (Josh Blanchard 1 G, Sven Bartschi 1 G, Nathan Craft 1 G, Rhett Willcox 2 A)

Team Gray: 1 ( Steven Alldridge 1 G, Taylor Peters 1 A)

A lot of the talk at the games has been about the play of the goaltenders and they have been impressive.  Brendan Burke and Jarrod Schamerhorn are the two signed goaltenders and both have made big stops in their outings.  Two 15 year old invites, Adin Hill and Blake Pearson, both had strong outings on Friday evening and I’ve been impressed with 17 year old Mitchell Backhouse and 16 year old Tomas Sholl.

I spent most of Friday watching the 1995 and 1996 players and there is a lot of talent upcoming for this team.  Nic Petan has been nothing short of outstanding in two days, creating plays and controlling the puck.  The puck seems to find him and when it does he makes something happen with it.  Not many 16 year olds play as top 6 forwards in the WHL, but Petan has that chance for the Hawks.

Layne Viveiros (16) has shown very well on the blue line and seems very composed for a young player – reading plays well and making smart plays.

From the 1996 class, I have seen good things from all of the draft picks in 2011.  Zach Paterson is a very heady player who shows great offensive instincts with the puck.  Sandhu has a nose for the net and hasn’t looked out of place with the pace of the WHL game.  List player Keagan Iverson has shown very well and he is easy to notice as he hits everything in sight and at 6’2, 210 as a 15 year old, he can deliver a hit.  Dominic Turgeon is showing that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as he has shown some very good skill, looking like Dad, Pierre, at times.

All in all…a good two days…now we’ll see who has the legs over the next two days.

See you at the Winterhawks Skating Center at 4:00…



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