Congrats Andrew Ference…

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins and former Winterhawk Andrew Ference on winning the Stanley Cup…here is a great interview with Ference, giving props to Brent Peterson.

Photo Credits – Getty Images:

Also, congrats to former Winterhawks Cam Neely (President & Alternate Governor) and Jim Benning (Assistant General Manager) of the Bruins.  You all did the Portland Winterhawks proud!

Lastly…congrats to long-time Portland area resident and former Portland Buckaroo Tommy McVie who scouts for the Bruins…one of hockey’s greatest personalities.


  1. Before the game last night, I would have been happy with either team winning as both had former Hawks on their rosters. After Jannik Hansen cheap-shotted Andy Ference in the 3rd period, I’m glad the Canucks lost. Now we’ve got just one more 1998 Memorial Cup player to get the Stanley Cup. It’s Brenden Morrow’s turn now!

    When Andy hoisted the Cup last night, did anybody else want to reach through their TV screens and strangle Mike Emerick for saying that Andy and Brad Ference are brothers? You’d think somebody would have done their homework and found they weren’t.

  2. Oh, no Doc di’in’t! However, as happy as Andy was last night, Doc could have said he was Don Cherry’s brother and he probably wouldn’t have noticed. Congratulations, Broons. (That’s how I’m told it’s pronounced in The Gahden.) Wicked awesome play, guys!

  3. I almost threw up after Emerick said that! lol congrats to Andy and The Bruins organization, and one more thing come on Vancouver stay classy!

  4. Also from the 98 team there is LaBarbera (Phoenix), and Matt Walker (was with Philly but missed most of the year hurt)

  5. Congratulations from the Bock Family Andrew on winning the cup.

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