NHL Combine Results…

A good showing this weekend for the Portland Winterhawks at the NHL Combine in Toronto as the three players (Joe Morrow, Sven Bartschi and Ty Rattie – Tyler Wotherspoon didn’t participate in the fitness testing due to an injury) all finished in the top of some categories.  Here are some highlights:

Anaerobic Fitness:  Peak Power Output (watts/kg):

1. Ty Rattie — 15.9 (tied for first)

Anaerobic Fitness: Mean Power Output (watts/kg):

3. Ty Rattie — 11.4

Anaerobic Fitness: Fatigue Index:

8. Sven Bartschi — 39.5 (tied for 8th)

Aerobic Fitness: VO2max (ml/kg/min):

1. Sven Bartschi — 68.7

Musculoskeletal: Standing Long Jump (in):

6. Joe Morrow — 114 (tied for 6th)

Musculoskeletal: Vertek Vert Jump/Pause (in):

5. Joe Morrow — 29.3

Musculoskeletal: Vertek Vert Jump/No Pause (in):

2. Joe Morrow — 30.3

Musculoskeletal: Vertek Leg Pwr Average (Lewis)/Pause (watts):

1. Joe Morrow — 1865

Musculoskeletal: Vertek Leg Pwr Average (Lewis)/No Pause (watts):

5. Joe Morrow — 1716

Musculoskeletal: Vertek Leg Pwr Peak (Sayers)/Pause (watts):

4. Joe Morrow — 6532

Musculoskeletal: Right Hand Grip (lb):

1. Joe Morrow — 177

Musculoskeletal: Left Hand Grip (lb):

7. Joe Morrow – 143 (tied for 7th)

Musculoskeletal: 4 Jump (Mat) Mode: Ground Time (sec):

7. Sven Bartschi — 0.47 (tied for 7th)

10. Joe Morrow — 0.49

Musculoskeletal: 4 Jump (Mat) Mode: Power Factor:

8. Joe Morrow — 1.47

9. Sven Bartschi — 1.38

Musculoskeletal: 4 Jump (Mat) Mode: Avg Jump Height (in):

3. Joe Morrow — 25.00

10. Ty Rattie — 22.60 (tied for 10th)

Not all results were published – like push/pull strength rankings.

But with 100 participants, it was a great showing by the Hawks who took part.


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  1. For those who want to check out the rankings, here are 2 websites:
    http://oilers.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=564812&cmpid=rss-News%20in%20English (NHL.com) Even though this one says it’s the rankings after the 1st day, it matches the Central Scouting ranking link below (for both days). The NHL link is much easier to read.

    Way to go boys!

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