The Time is Now…

At some point I’m going to rehash this series and all its complexity in detail…but today I send out a wish to all of the Portland Winterhawks faithful.

We all know the ramifications of Game 5 on Friday night at the Rose Garden.  The Winterhawks have their backs to the wall and face elimination for the first time in the 2010-11 season.  I spent the bus ride home thinking about Game 2 and just how loud the Rose Garden was in the rally that fell just short.  It gave me chills as I stood in the press box, having to raise my voice to be heard over the roar of the crowd.

My wish for Game 5 is that we have that level of noise from the start…before the players hit the ice.

I remember before the 1983 Memorial Cup Championship game in the old MC that the fans were standing and cheering minutes before the players left the locker room.  You can bet the Hawks back then could hear the noise and feel the building shake.  Our boys deserve the same this year.

I know from being around this team all year – on the bus, at team meals, before home games – just how much they enjoy and get pumped up by the large crowds in their home barns.  You, the fans, can truly be the seventh man on the ice – and can make a difference.

Before the game…the game ops crew runs the playoff intro…it is an incredible piece of video…and from the time the video shows “Western Conference Champs” I want to see the crowd rise as one…clapping, cheering, whistling…being the force that we saw in Game 2.

For a little inspiration…here are the National Anthems from the United Center in Chicago prior to a Blackhawks/Canucks playoff game.  You can feel the anticipation and noise level rise as the U.S. Anthem begins…by the end, the building is in a frenzy and you can see it on the faces of the Blackhawks just what it means to them.  You can provide that to the Winterhawks…

The time is now…there is no holding back…I can’t wait for it to start…game time is 7:30 but let the noise start as soon as you enter the building…



  1. Andy,

    Did you know the NHL took decibel readings continuously throughout the Stanley Cup last year? The loudest point in the entire series, I believe at 122 or 121 decibels, was the National Anthem in Chicago. What I would give to hear that kind of volume when the boys hit the ice in the Rose Garden tomorrow!

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  2. Guaranteed that noise level in the building, if Matt Kirk steps on the ice tomorrow night.

    Official of the year…whatever.

  3. If you use the phrase “at least we know the roof is still on the Rose Garden” tomorrow night, Andy, some of us now know where you got that. ;-)

    The real phrase for tomorrow night comes from the movie “Galaxy Quest”…”Never give up! Never surrender!!”

    Now where’s my noise meter app for my phone…

  4. It will be our pleasure to make that noise, Andy. It would be a real treat if Dan “The Voice” could be our anthem performer, too. Still, I’m left thinking of my absolutely all-time favourite movie line, which comes from “Slapshot.” The Faithful know exactly which one I mean. ;-) GO HAWKS!!!

  5. I and the 5 people with me shall do our best.

    These teams really aren’t that far apart on the ice really. When you think about it, it’s not at all hard to imagine a win at home in front of a sellout crowd. A win finally in Cranbrook where it was extremely close twice. Why not? Well, guess what next? Game 7 at home. Well within possibilities.


  6. Andy,

    You should give a heads up to the sound person, and the announcer. Neither do anything to help get the crowd into the game. Most every broadcast I listen to you on away games I can’t help but think why aren’t our sound people and announcer doing what they do. Especially in times where the game goes a little flat, or the Hawks aren’t playing their best.

  7. The noise gives me CHILLS!!!! It’s going to be amazing……and I HOPE/WISH the crowd sings along (LOUD) or cheers WILDLY during the National Anthems:)
    Go Hawks Go. Flora

  8. Blackhawks.Canucks? Andy Andy, if you want lessons in how to bring the noise then come to the originators of noise. The New York Rangers,
    Ranger fans invented roof blowing as if you want to send a message to the Ice then the noise starts during the warmups, gets louder when the teams hit the ice and then drowns out the anthems.

    Was impressed by the PWH fans on Sunday as they brought it but have to agree with Brandon as your PA and sound folks have no sense of timing at all to keep the fans in it.

    Hope they closed the borders and kept Matt Kirk out

  9. This is the level of noise we need to eclipse… From the media timeout in Game 2

  10. Whoops… Link was bad. sucks when YouTube is blocked at work & I can’t verify what I’m sending

  11. winterhawks should have a free vuvuzela night tonight for the first 10,000 through the door ahaha….or any other noise maker they can think of

  12. Noise makers are amateurish. A loud crowd is much more effective than a mediocre crowd that makes a ton of noise with noise makers. The crowd is really just for giving energy to the home team. Even with them being teenagers, the opposition has no problems blocking it out.

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