Game 4 Pre-Game…

I’ll do a more in-depth blog post, most likely Friday AM, as the Internet connections here in Cranbrook are spotty at best.

But…it was a tough OT loss last night in Game 3…and Portland had enough chances to win, but give the Kootenay Ice credit, they earned the victory in a tight contest.

We know now that Brad Ross won’t play tonight as the WHL handed down a 2 game suspension even though Matt Fraser didn’t miss any additional games due to the apparent serious knee injury that he had to be helped from the ice for.  He showed no sign of injury in Game 3.  The additional game to Ross, who was only issued a two minute minor for tripping at the time of the hit, contradicts what Richard Doerksen explained to John Kirby on our broadcast in the Kelowna series.  Past history was obviously the determining factor in the decision.

On the other side…James Martin, who laid out Troy Rutkowski with a head shot in the third period will not receive a suspension.  While I haven’t heard for sure, I’m sure the decision to not suspend Riley Boychuk played a part in the no call and to me the hits were no where close to the same hit.

In the end…I’ve said it before…it is what it is…time to win Game 4.

No pre-game show tonight…but we go live on 95.5 The Game at 6:00 PDT…



  1. The hawks played a great game and I was on my feet with the radio broadcast. I am looking forward to a win tonight and a chance to welcome them back home to a loud and pumped up crowd on Friday!

    I am not sure what to say about the no suspension on that hit, but a two game on Ross. Where to I file a complaint on the inconsistency of the officials and the WHL discipline people? It is to the point that it is literally a joke around my office, and my non hockey fan coworkers reading the paper put the WHL in a category of being an amateur league that is poorly officiated. How do they expect to generate a bigger and better fan base this way?

    Off my soapbox.

    Thank you for the blog posts, I eagerly await each new one, and I look forward to listening to the game tonight.

    Friday is going to be loud! Tell the team to bring some earplugs!

  2. So were the zebras hoping to get a star tonight??? They should at least get an Assist for that OT goal. Total carp. Not the Winterhawks’ fault.

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