Hawks Arrive in Cranbrook…

More on this in a bit...

The Portland Winterhawks arrived in Cranbrook, BC, this afternoon to prepare for Games 3 and 4 against the Kootenay Ice on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The trip took longer than expected (as the picture above shows a reason why)…but the team team arrived safe and sound and got in a late afternoon practice at the Cranbrook Rec-Plex.

I’m not going to rehash Game 2 as that has been done ad nauseum all over the Interwebs, but it certainly was an interesting and entertaining game that feature a little bit of everything.  The Rose Garden was as loud as I’ve ever heard it and it was great to see 10,947 rabid fans going nuts (for a variety of reasons) throughout the game.

I’m sure that everyone outs there wants my thoughts on the suspensions handed down today to Brad Ross and Tayler Jordan.  Well…I’m doing what the team is doing…looking forward, not back…and preparing for Game 3 with the players that they will have available to them once they drop the puck.  Going on here and pissing and moaning is a waste of time and effort and really gets us know where, so why bother?  The league determined, rightly or wrongly, what punishment they were going to hand down and what I write won’t change that.   I’m sure that Richard Doerksen doesn’t take my opinions into his reasoning…

The facts are each team has one win and one loss…it is now a best of five series and Portland has been here before and each time, they have responded on the road.  This is a very confident road team and I expect Games 3 and 4 to be close battles with probably a bit more drama thrown in.  It wouldn’t be the WHL Final without it.

Back to the travels…the team left yesterday and rolled into Spokane to stay for the night before rolling on Monday into Cranbrook (which, by the way, is featuring gorgeous weather and incredible mountain views that I’ll get some photo’s of tomorrow).  While we were waiting at the Eastport, ID, border crossing (about 80 km’s from Cranbrook), a construction crew noticed our bus with the team logo and spray painted “Go Ice Go” on the dirt ground next to the bus.  That drew a few chuckles on the bus…and maybe the border crossing guards were Ice fans as well…as it took 45 minutes to get through without really an explanation why.

Once we made it through the border…about halfway to Cranbrook, we were met with the line of cars and trucks you see above.  They were doing some “blasting” of rocks along the highway and we were forced to have nearly an hour wait before being allowed through.  Well…the team took advantage of the time for an unscheduled work out on the highway, featuring some football and a game of sewer ball (I’d explain the rules, but that would take some time and someone to explain it to me)…

The football game had the Coaching staff taking on Tayler Jordan, Mac Carruth, Nino Niederreiter and Ryan Johansen…it was quite competitive…

Mike Johnston channeling Jim Zorn...

Pass interference was liberally allowed in this game...

The Sewer Ball Circle...

Once we got back rolling…the team unloaded the gear and hit the ice for a spirited practice…

Now, we get ready for Game 3…our broadcast will be on Freedom 970 at 5:35 with yours truly, Todd Vrooman and John Kirby.  The game will also be televised live on Comcast SportsNet at 6:00 Pacific Time.


  1. Hey Andy,

    Do you know if the game will be tape delay on Root or anything? I work until 10pm tomorrow but love to catch any and all footage I can.


  2. Matt – The game is being replayed on Root starting at 10:30.

  3. Andy, is it going to be possible for you to synchronize your broadcast with the TV so we can watch and listen to you and Todd?

  4. Andy…driving up today from Spokane… do you think the blasting w/be going on today? Thot you might have some insight on this… go figure! Glad ya’ll arrived in C safely!

  5. Sewer Ball as played and explained by the Peoria Rivermen:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsZxakETGpY

  6. “Due to contractual agreements…there will be no pre-game shows on Freedom 970 or 95.5 the Game tonight and tomorrow…on the air on 6 PM.” Oh, so The Game can have everyone else BUT the Winterhawks covered? You don’t hear about this kind of thing with the basketball. Just sayin’.

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