The Numbers Game…

As we approach Game 1 of the WHL Championship Series tonight at the Rose Garden, I wanted to throw out some numbers…

– There are 20 minutes in each period of hockey…

– There are three periods in each game of hockey…

– Each team dresses 18 skaters and 2 goaltenders for each game…

– Portland has played 94 games this year counting pre-season, regular season and playoffs…

– Each playoff series will be decided in no more than seven games…

– It takes four wins to win a playoff series…

– It takes 16 wins to win the Ed Chynoweth Cup…

– Both Portland and Kootenay have won 12 games so far in the playoffs…

At the end of the numbers lies one fact…regardless of the talk and hype…there is only one truth that can be told…

At the end of this series, only one team will raise the Cup in triumph…I can’t wait for it to start!

Go get ’em, boys!



  1. Andy – what is the situation involving television – are both comcast and root sports going to be showing the games – there seems to be some confusion

    Can you help us fans out ….ty

  2. Fax,
    CSN will show Games 1-4 and Game 7 live while Root Sports will tape-delay those broadcasts. Games 5-6 would be seen live on Root Sports (if necessary).

    Hope that helps…


  3. Andy,

    As hot as KI are, the Hawks have been solid all the way around. Why do you think most writers in CA are picking the Ice? Also is there any other info out there on our draft choices? Thanks for the blog.

  4. Brian,
    I can’t speak for those Canadian writers and why they picked Kootenay…the Ice are a great team and Portland will have to play it’s best to win the series. That is how it should be.

    BTW…prior to the start of the playoffs, the entire BC Division broadcasters picked Spokane to beat Portland…if they keep guessing the other team and Portland keeps winning, I don’t care what the prognosticators say.


  5. Thanks Andy,

    Thats funny everyone keeps picking others over the Hawks. This should be some great games. Have fun calling it tonight.

  6. Last Night’s victory was a beauty, and one that hopefully sets the tone for this final round. Just wanted to let you know, Andy, that when we attend, we have you in our ear plugs. Your spot-on play by play adds a depth to the action. Your comment, “I guess tripping isn’t a penalty in the playoffs” was brilliant and confirmed my cringe to see Zalasky and Knorr were in the stripes. Todd’s observations and comments are also excellent, even noting the condition of the ice after grooming. You both are to be commended. I suppose King did deserve a star, but would have enjoyed Mac getting that honour as well. But alas, one down, and hopefully three to go, then off to the M-Cup!!!!! Thanks again, Andy, for all you do.

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