50 Winners…

The Portland Winterhawks won 50 games for the first time since 1997-98…here is the video evidence.   All 50 game winners…got about 17 minutes?  Enjoy…




  1. Andy,
    Thank you, what a fantastic ride it has been so far and I am so excited for
    the playoffs!! Thank you Hawks for all your hard work, dedication and your
    obvious love for the game. This fan appreciates all of it!!

  2. That’s a lot of editing to do, lot’s of work, thank you for doing that…. great job!

  3. You gotta love the sound of absolute disappointment in the Chiefs pbp guy’s voice when the Hawks score. Also, I thought Marcel Marceau did a damn fine job of calling that one game.

    Trivia time. Did you know that the only word spoken in Mel Brooks’ “Silent Movie” was spoken by Marcel? He said “Non.” (as in French for “no”)

  4. Whoever did this did a very nice job… (OKOK they score_”he scores” from others too) Cool to learn and know so keep it up you guys: Very cool!!! John Peter

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