Where were you?


February 22, 1980…I can remember watching this in the living room with my family.  I can vividly remember all of us jumping up when Mike Eruzione gave them the 4-3 lead and the nervousness of the final 10 minutes…simply will not ever be topped in any sport at any level.




  1. Came home from school wanting to hide from the result until the game was played that night on TV. Went out to the mailbox to grab the afternoon Oregon Journal and splashed on the front page: ‘We Beat The Russians!’

    I still get chills when I see that game…

  2. Andy,
    Thanks for the memories…and the goose bumps. BTW, I was studying for a mid-term exam during that magnificent moment. Wow, seems like only yesterday!

  3. I was in a pub in Melbourne, Australia doing a 3-wk tour of the South Pacific… it still makes me tear up when I think of that awesome game….. yay, USA!

  4. I was 9 years old watching the game with my Dad. I’ll never forget his excitement, his emotion. It was the moment I became a life-long hockey fan. It still brings tears to my eyes. What an incredible moment!

  5. I was at a kegger with 200 of my closest friends. The game was on TV and after Eruzione scored about 150 of the people started watching. When the game ended the whole place went nuts and apparently that was enough to send the neighbors over the edge because the cops arrived about 10 minutes later and shut the party down. Oh yeah, I should mention I went to my first Winter Hawks games later that season so I guess I can thank the “Miracle on Ice” for getting me hooked on the Hawks.

  6. Like many Hawks fans, I was not born :-)

  7. What a Great moment , what a Great Sport ! That’s why we play the game !


  9. I was 13 and at a neighbor’s house when I heard the result on the radio. Watched the game on TV that night and, even though I already knew the USA had won, I still just couldn’t believe it. After that I got hooked on Wayne Gretzky and the Oilers and Tiger Williams and the Canucks on Hockey Night in Canada.

  10. Senior year in high school. One of the most memorable moments in sports history.

    Thanks for the repost, Andy. :-)

  11. i was about 10 years from being born lol :)

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