OT Winner Highlight…

From Tuesday…



  1. That was an awesome goal/play. A great game by a team 7 regulars down…now, if only they can put it together night in and out with the full team on the bench.

    Go Hawks!

  2. what a game, eh? But can someone advise what happened to the radio feed? We listened to the pregame show, which abrubtly ended and there we were, listening to that Republicrap. Fortunately, through the miracle of the web, we were able to listen to Everett’s coverage. Would have much rather preferred to listen to Andy’s play-by-play.

  3. Sometimes, the machines take over…

    Freedom 970, like a lot of talk radio, uses automation for the majority of their programs. At 7:30, the automation took over on the webstream and they couldn’t switch it back to live feed due to a technical problem. They worked on it pretty much all game, and hope to have to fixed by this afternoon.


  4. Thanks Andy. Yes, good old “new” technology. When it works, we take it for granted. Now, for hockey. Our lads jelled yesterday, and playing as a team, showed what they are made of. Hammie in the net played with an intensity that was a joy to watch. The PKs were impressive, as was Wrenn on the ice and he’s now WHL, leaving behind the kinder, gentler NCAA version of hockey. Gotta’ sum it up by saying the Hawks are a class act. You too, Andy, play a vital role with this experience, and I thank you for being that link between what happens on the ice, to what we see and hear.

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