A Respite…

I sat down tonight (or this morning) to write a recap of the very entertaining game at the Prospera Place in Kelowna tonight and…I don’t know…I seem to have the lost the creative writing bug.  This isn’t new (for me, anyway) as I’ve been fighting the battle for a while now.

It’s not because the Hawks lost or that they haven’t been winning as much as they did in the first half of the season…this has been an ongoing battle for me for the past six months or longer.  I’ve fought through it, but it hasn’t been great writing as my opinions seem strained and my attempts at humor seem sarcastic and snippy in my head, so I don’t type them.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, while in high school  I was an Editor on both the Newspaper and Yearbook staffs and even in writing proposals for customers now.  The blog has been an outlet for me to write about the sport and team I love and it has been received well by most people.  I don’t know the exact numbers of readers since I wrote my first blog on the Winter Hawks (then, Winterhawks now) website back in the 2005-06 season, but it is a large six-figure number.

I know that many people feel that what I write is sanitized by the Hawks organization, but nothing could be further from the truth.  I’ve never been told what I can or can not write nor have they tried to control the message that I send.

When I started, there weren’t very many (or any) WHL specific blogs that I can remember, now there are dozens.  They are a great source of information and mine has been lacking in that lately.  I’ve kept writing, mainly for the parents of the players who frequent the site looking for any shred of news on their sons.   I am always flattered and humbled when I meet the parents (for either the first time or the 20th) and they tell me how much they appreciate what I write.

But, with that being said…I need a break from feeling obligated to write.  I’ve thought about this for a while and the time is right in my head now.  I will return soon, hopefully recharged and mind cleared.  I may give Todd the ability to post here to fill some space, but I haven’t talked to him about that in a while…and that is if he wants to.

And I will say that Dylan and Samantha each bring a lot in the OregonLive blogs that I’ve linked to on the left…if you haven’t check them out, do so.

Thanks for reading…and thanks for your patience until I return…lastly, you can always send me questions at hawksblog@comcast.net or to Todd and I both at hawksradio@gmail.com.



  1. You will be missed Andy. Yours is always the first blog I check for Winterhawks news. I have always enjoyed your whit and insight. Have a good rest, and please DO come back.

    Best wishes to you!

  2. Well you deserve a break Andy.
    So go ahead and take one.


  4. Good bye Andy …. enjoy

  5. Thanks for that.

    My advice: write when you have something you want to say.

  6. I just wanted to jump in and say that I was sitting behind you on Wed nite against Spokane, and on that powerplay in the second when the puck jumped over Rutowski’s stick, as I smacked my hat against the seat in front of me, I heard you smack the “Do Not Enter” sign at the entrance of your elaborate luxury press box area. I really liked the emotion you displayed, although I’m sure you were professional enough to keep it between your left hand and the microphone. I’m sure that’s a tightrope to walk, and you do it well.

    Dylan speaks truth: write when you feel like writing, and not more or less.

  7. I have always really enjoyed your perspective and the insight you have into the team. Your blog is definitely e source of enjoyment for many Hawks fans but most importantly it needs to be a source of enjoyment for you. Thanks very much for the time you have taken to share.

  8. Enjoy your sabbatical from writing. This happens to most writers, so put down the pen (so to speak) and just enjoy being Andy PBP. After you get those batteries recharged, know that your readers are eager to welcome your return. I’ll be listening even more intently to your broadcasts. So enjoy!

  9. I have appreciated your blog and the great information that you have provided. Rest well and I shall look forward to your return.

  10. Andy,
    We all get burned out at times, even with something we love doing. I look forward to hearing from you again when the batteries are recharged.

  11. Hey Andy,

    Have always enjoyed the blog, in fact most years I always read what you had to say about a game before I go to the news feed on the Hawks website. Always know that should you decide to continue with the blog in the future I’ll be right back here for the very best in Winterhawks insight and news :)

    Heres hoping the writing bug catches you again soon and as always, I’ll hear you on the radio!


  12. Looking forward to your posts when you return. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy your radio broadcasts!

  13. Andy , I for one enjoy reading your post. Whether the posts are sarcastic or snippy that is to the opinion of the reader. You write your thoughts and feelings, you give us (Hawks Fans) insight to numbers,stats and points of view that most fans would not take into consideration,you are the fans behind the scenes guy as well as being the voice of the team we love! So with that said please be insightful,energetic,electrifying,on the cusp informative, brash ,snippy,sarcastic,boring ,off the edge,generic,genuine and productive for we the fans love it all! thank you Andy for your blog.

  14. Eh keep the puck up!!! Writing is a fall for everyone: But an opinion could help maybe audio blog links: You deserve a break: In that break maybe lookup or get some sound efx and do some Blog bits hear and there: Just poking as it could help: We the fan old school to this new age in today love that edge in thy edge blog and beyond personally speaking.: JPMerrick/John Peter

  15. Sorry to see that you aren’t doing the blog. I looked forward to reading it after the games or catching up on the games that I missed. You will be missed during this time.

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