A Note About Tonight…

The Portland Winterhawks will honor Rainier Police Chief Ralph Painter, who was killed in the line of duty last Wednesday, at tonight’s game against the Spokane Chiefs.

Painter’s daughter, Julianne Painter-Heuer, will perform a ceremonial puck drop, followed by a moment of silence. The national anthem will then be performed by a member of the Hillsboro Police Department.



  1. What a great thing for the Winterhawks to do. Really wish I had tickets for tonight.

  2. Hi Andy. WONDERING ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE PROBLEMS the hawks are having with consistent play since being 20-4 to start. Obviously chemistry is not there but i am concerned about the team that to me is missing that “fire” right now. There seems to be some complacency or malaise to me right now. What do you see?

  3. Hey Scott, the team just rolled into Kelowna after an all day bus ride so I just now get a chance to read your message…some thoughts:

    In all honesty, I’m not around the team that much. I very rarely attend practices and don’t spend much time hanging around the locker room other than home games and then bus trips and road games. Off the ice, there are no chemistry issues. Everyone gets along and there aren’t cliques like I’ve seen before.

    One thing that gets lost in all of this is that this team is still relatively young. In fact, they are in the bottom third of the league in average age. The nucleus of the team is in the 1992 born (18 year old) players and 16 of the skaters are 18 or younger. They are still learning how to win at this level. Especially this year when there has been so much pressure to win and to take part in other events like the World Jr’s and other tournaments.

    Yep, the team has struggled to win consistently (for whatever reason) since the end of November and maybe the first 25 games the wins came too easily. This team will still be a team to contend with at the end, I believe.


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