Happy New Year!

The 2010 year ended tonight with a 4-3 loss to the Seattle Thunderbirds despite the efforts of the short-handed Portland Winterhawks in front of a large energetic crowd.

Craig Cunningham tallied the hat trick for Portland but unfortunately the game will be remembered for other reasons than that and because of that I’m going to make the following comments.

It was extremely unfortunate and disappointing that at the post-game New Years celebration, every conversation that I had with fans in the building started with comments about the officials.  On a night when two teams played an energetic, entertaining hockey game in front of a lively crowd, what folks will remember is the officiating.  That should not be the case.

Normally I don’t make comments on the air or on the blog about officiating.  Tonight, I’ll make an exception.  When fans talk to me about officials I tell them that it is an extremely hard, thankless job…one that I would never want to have.  Most nights you’re going to piss someone off.

The power plays tonight were 6-0 in favor of Seattle.  Portland, who fought tooth and nail for 60 minutes, didn’t get rewarded with a power play.  Jason Nissen and Steve Papp are going to be what people remember from this game.   And that is, as I said above, unfortunate and disappointing.

And with that, I’m signing off for the night, wishing all my readers a Happy New Year and I hope that you all have a great 2011!

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