Officials/Power Play Follow Up…

I had someone ask me about the difference between one-ref games and two-ref games…here is what it looks like:

In 2010-11, 86 of the 300 games (28.6%) have featured a single referee.  In those 86 games, the one-ref system has accounted for 786 power play calls, or an average of 9.14/game.  In two-ref games, the average power play calls is at 9.89/game, a difference of .75/game.

That is fairly close…

In Portland’s case, they have a single official in just five of their 30 games (16.7%).  In those five games, the one-ref system has awarded 49 power plays, or an average of 9.80/game.  In two-ref games, the average power play calls is at 10.52/game, a difference of .72/game, just a bit less than the league average.

I had another blogger accuse me of expressing sour grapes from my post of yesterday…and that wasn’t what the post was about.  I am a self-proclaimed numbers geek and when numbers like I posted yesterday present themselves, I find them interesting.  I know that Portland has earned their penalty numbers most nights and they take their share of what fans call “dumb” penalties…all teams do.  I was just having fun posting the conspiracy theory angle as there are so many of those out there.

Being an official at any level is a tough job…one that I certainly wouldn’t want.   They only get attention when they are perceived of doing something wrong…and get little to no recognition when they do their job right.  I respect all of the guys who don the stripes in the WHL, even if I don’t agree with all of their calls.  It’s a thankless job and I know that they all do their best every night.

Hope to see you all at the Rose Garden tonight for a very big game against the Tri-City Americans…



  1. Andy,
    It seems like evr since the Kamloops ordeal, the Hawks have not been the same especially Carruth. What do you think the issue is or was. Are they just having a difficult time getting over their possible butt chewing? Also since both Boychuck and Ross seem to constantly draw stupid penalties and let thir emotions get to the better of them, why do you think they don’t get sat out by coaching staff? There are plently of guys on the team who work hard every game, maybe they should get more ice tiime if our terrible two can’t get their acts together…and before anyone comments, I like both of these players and think they are great players, but I also think enough of their antics is enough. If Jordan can leatn to behave so can they. Go Hawks!

  2. Every team seems to go through a bit of a funk from time to time…I don’t think the Kamloops game had much effect after it was over (other than missing some guys due to suspension and that had an effect on the rosters, especially with Wotherspoon getting injured). As far as Ross and Boychuk goes, they both need to play on the edge to be effective, IMO. Will they take penalties? Sure. Are some of them ill-advised (I don’t like using the term stupid, because they are not stupid people or players)? Sure. As for Jordan, he is being asked to play a different role as a checking winger and penalty killer…plus, not many want to get involved with him physically.

    As far as playing time goes…I’m not going to speak for Mike Johnston…he does what he thinks is best to give his team a chance to win every night…


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