Catching Up…

I took a long weekend off from blogging as there were a lot of games and bus miles the last four or five days and typing on the bus isn’t a lot of fun…some random thoughts:

— First congrats to four Hawks who have been selected to participate in the camps for their respective countries in the upcoming World U20 Championships after Christmas.  Ryan Johansen and Brad Ross have been invited to Canada’s camp that will run from December 12-15 in Toronto.  As well, Nino Niederreiter and Sven Bartschi have been invited to the Switzerland camp that will start on December 19 in Oshawa, Ontario.

The tournament will be held in Buffalo and Niagara, NY, starting on December 26th.

— Team Canada selected 39 players to try out for the team, including 17 from the WHL.  The Winterhawks were the only WHL team to have two players selected, as 15 other teams had one player selected.  The teams that did not have anyone selected were Brandon, Calgary, Kamloops, Lethbridge, Prince Albert and Tri City.

— With the busy schedule over the holiday weekend, the Hawks finished with a 1-1-0-2 record in the four games, losing the last three with the last two going to shootouts.  The game last night against Medicine Hat was their best performance of the four games and that is a positive as it comes at the end of four games in five nights with some serious bus miles with road trips to Chilliwack and then to Tri City thrown in.

— On Saturday night it was Keith Hamilton that propelled Portland into the shootout with a tremendous 40 save effort and last night it was Tyler Bunz doing the same for Medicine Hat.  Hamilton made three highlight reel saves in the second period against the Americans that kept the game close for Portland and Bunz’s antics in the overtime session last night gave the Tigers a chance to win in the shootout.

— For Drew Owsley (who had a solid game) to be named the first star on Saturday night for Tri City over Keith Hamilton (who was outstanding) was an injustice.  Also…can someone get the PA guy in Kennewick a pronunciation guide?   A hint…it is Poo-LEE-ott, not Poo-yo.  Of course this is the same guy that butchered Ty Rattie’s name last year…

— The Hawks shooters are now 2 for 12 in the shootout this season and are almost exclusively relying on the premier deke to try and score.  The winning goal last night was just a little deke and wrist shot by Hunter Shinkaruk for the Tigers.  It seems to me that the shot has been more successful over the years.

— Congrats to Rattie, Spencer Bennett and Taylor Aronson who all played in their 100th career WHL game last night while Taylor Jordan played in his 200th on the same night.

— Next up, the Kootenay Ice on Wednesday at the MC and then the Americans make their first visit to the Rose City on Friday at the Garden…



  1. Dear Scooter’s former “fetcher”

    How many years have you eval’d netminders? Seriously, a guy wins a game for a team in need of a shut down in net performance and you call it an “unjustice”? In other words, like you’re mentor Scooter, what’s good for the hawk is good for everyone else?

    As for the PA announcer pronouncing poor overrated POOLEEAHT incorrectly? He can’t help it as he went to school in Portland.

    Please stick to swimming updates with your daughter as these are way more informative.

  2. I was going to respond to this with statistics (like Hamilton stopped .952 of the shots vs. .946 of Owsley on Saturday…and faced the tougher chances) but since it all comes down to “needing” a shut down performance, well then…I’m glad that Owsley was named. And I believe i called it an “injustice”.

    In all honesty…three stars are all subjective and my opinion is my opinion…regardless of what Scooter thinks or doesn’t think.

    Pouliot overrated? Riiiiiight…but then again what is good for the Ams is good for everyone else, right?

    And, btw…my daughter is doing great swimming…thanks for reading!


  3. Wow, I’m sorry Andy but that bendover mclikeit is really an idiot. i know you will probably delete this post but i just had to say something

  4. dear Glencie,

    talk about a lame handle, heck mcbender is my last name as people have called me Bendee for 20 years or as old as you’ll be in 10 years.

    Portland has a long hockey tradition of junior
    hockey announcers who make outrageous statements as while I do enjoy “Fetchers” family articles (I’m a family man) I think he’s better suited to being the feature interviewer as long as scooter stays put where he is now, I’ve heard he’s on a mission for the Mormon church, is this right? (a tips fan told me this)

    scooter used to throw people off of the Oregon
    live site if they dared disagree with his screechy voiced opinions as I like this blog because we can offer thoughts even if you poofterhawk people are never right.

    is it true recently fired NHL defensive legend Paul Baxter is joining the hawks as a defensive coach? that’s what the prince Albert fan site us reporting?

  5. i also want to respond to “Fetchers” slanderous assault directed at me and Tri cities.

    pooleeott is vastly overrated as many scouts already see him an a one grade above Christian Boulding clone. chopping wood and milking goats in moose jaw hardly qualifies him as the ‘Saint status’ that you bestow on him nightly. Lewis Hamilton and McClaren ate “saints” not this 5th or 6th defenseman.

    of course poofterhawk also sold us and all others that Brendan morrow would be some NHL star when all he is a 4th line goon for a team no one cares about.

    what’s this deal with the soft foreigner players seemingly always in poofterhawk? Swiss players? what next a Somalian from Mogadishu?

    I suggest that “Fetcher” just calm down and focus on the young kids coming up to poofterhawk as this years team is now starting the downward spiral.

  6. I think the Hawks need to work on the shootout skills. This team get lazy at times and just think teams will roll over because they are on the same ice as the Hawks, Hey boys !! You have earned nothing yet. You need tp work hard every game, every period and every shift. From the opening faceoff to the last whistle. The Hawks received 2 points over the weekend. Not good enough with this talent . What happened to the power play?

  7. Can I just ask what is the point of all these aggressive anti-winterhawks posts on this site? I mean really, what does posting this garbage here do for you? If you want to “dish dirt” go to your own team site and do it.

    Seems a little feeble, ( lame, inadequate, craven spineless, spiritless, wimpy, gutless – take your pick of adjectives) for fans of other teams to take the time and make the effort to find this site and bash a team which is in first place and has so many WHL recognized outstanding players. Winterhawks statistics speak facts while you speak in the language of “LOSERS”.

    As far as bashing the author of the blog. . . .why are you so pissed? Did your daughter lose to his daughter? Keep it to yourself this is NOT the place for it.

    After reading all this I can only say that I hope Karma is for real.

  8. It’s obvious that Bendee is just trolling looking for fish to bite…ignore the bait, folks.


  9. Get your tickets!!! This is a good hockey team. Just as good as 1998 team. Support them. Its embarassing to see only 2500 in the MC ……

    C’Mon support them

  10. Andy,

    I had the exact same thoughts walking out of the rink in Tri-Cities. I was completely appalled that they did not give Hamilton a star in the game. He was the primary reason the game even got to a shootout. Obviously there was a bit of homerism going on there.

    I was thinking the same thing about the shootout. My question is why the coach keeps going with the same guys who deek themselves out of a shot. We have enough depth to give different guys a chance. I think the 2nd shooter was the only lineup change between Saturday/Sunday. Why not have Johansen, Ross, and Gabriel? That would be a different look entirely.

  11. Gotta tell you, as a TC fan and blogger, I thouroughly enjoyed having Portland in town. As one of the best teams in the league I knew no matter what we were going to be getting a good show. Tri City definitely owned the ice the first 40 but did fail to finish it off in the third. I give credit to the Hawks though for coming back for an entertaining ending.

    I knew that just getting a point would be an accomplishment, but was a bummer to give a point up to a team that didnt need any more lol

    Much talent on the team this year, looking forward to the coming months of some good hockey between division rivals!


  12. Hi Andy. Tjhanks for the suggestion about not taking McBendover’s bait. Commending you for not dropping your gloves and keeping cool. Alas, looking forward to tomorrow night’s game. The season is just over a quarter over, and the team is continuing to develop. I overheard some grumblings in the stands about the losses. Jeepers, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it appears there are folks who have been totally spoiled by the wins and point standings. Sure, wining is totally excellent, and I suppose it’s only natural to want a total Powerhouse, invincible team. We just might make it some day. We’re on the right path, methinks. Thanks again, Andy, for all you do to help our team get there!

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