Suspensions Levied…

The WHL handed down the suspensions and fines from the incidents on Saturday night at the end of the second period against the Kamloops Blazers.

For Portland:

Joe Morrow – 3 Games

Seth Swenson – 4 Games

Fines – $3,000

For Kamloops:

Brendan Ranford – 1 Game

Chase Schaber – 3 Games

J.C. Lipon – $ Games

Fines – $3,000

Morrow and Swenson have served one game already, missing the 3-1 loss to the Spokane Chiefs on Sunday night.  Morrow will be eligible to return on Saturday night against the Tri City Americans, Swenson will be able to return on Sunday night against the Medicine Hat Tigers.

There were no suspensions handed out to Mac Carruth or Jeff Bosch, but part of the fines for each team was for the goalie fight.




  2. I’ve given up trying to explain WHL suspensions…but I would imagine that it was determined that Morrow was the aggressor in the situation, hence the extra games for Joe.

  3. Be happy with the trade off, 2 useless plugs like Morrow and Swenson for 2 star players in Schaber and Ranford. I doubt any of the whiners in Portland who are crying wolf even understand how things work in terms of actually lacing the skates up and playing a game and what goes on. Do you guys get it yet? The targets are on your backs now and you’re going to get this kind of treatment from everyone. Get used to it or go watch one of those other awesome, exciting American sports like watching a car go round and round for 3 hours.

  4. I am just curious, why wasn’t Neigum suspended? He seemed to be the overall instigator, and since when is a 2 handed slash allowed in the WHL or hockey period? Are there going to be any consequences for the refs. and their crappy ref-ing job. Seems like they should have kept better control over the situation. To me is seems like it could have been mostly avoided had they properly handled the situation.

  5. Go Canada! I think those that follow the WHL hockey at all would disagree with the useless plug comment regarding Joe Morrow…a top 4 d-man who is a potential first round NHL selection in 2011…at least you are here to insult American hockey intelligence, thanks for that!

  6. Useless plugs? More likely a clueless Blazer fan.

  7. Ha… Joe Morrow has more assists than any D-Man in a Kamloops uni and a higher +/- to all but one. If that’s a useless plug, then Kamloops must be full of ’em. Can’t wait for Dec. 15th.

  8. I was really surprised Bosch and Carruth didn’t get anything, but I agree Andy, the WHL suspensions can be baffling. The Injury to Bosch is why the league hammers down on Bench brawls. When I started watching in 1977, it was fairly common to see a bench brawl especially against Seattle, Spokane(the flyers not chiefs) and the old New West Bruins. In 84-86 there were a rash of injuries to teams after brawls and the league changed the rules to the current system.

    I still say the Saturday brawls should result in Zulaski and Thurston getting suspended as well. From the start they did a horrible job of controlling the after whistle crap.

  9. Hi,

    I’m a Blazers fan, after seeing some of these comments I’m frankly embarrassed. Ive seen the clip of the line brawl a ton, that said should the suspensions have been what they were? Its easy to say no unless you’re the one handing them out. I think Morrow and Ranford shouldn’t have been suspended, as for the schaber suspension well it is what it is.

    To the fan who bashed Americans intelligence of hockey, have a little class and respect, lets not forget we can be passionate fans of our teams but we can do it with class and respect.

    Weather we agree with the suspensions or not, its time to move on and focus on the rest of the season.

    Love the blog Andy keep it up!

  10. Way to generalize a nation Shawn. Aren’t all Canadians beer swilling hicks who speak French? Just sayin bud. Yeah, we know the target is there, doesn’t mean we have to approve of 20 and unders trying to injure each other… also I don’t personally know a single person who thinks the hawks didn’t deserve suspensions, what I want to see is the officiating taking responsibility for a poorly called game that escalated to the extent that guys got hurt in fights. Getting hurt on a play is one thing, getting injuries in fights is a one way road to seeing the leagues crack down on fighting till its not part of our favorite sport anymore. Enough out of me, go Hawks, and go Kemper!

  11. How ’bout our Winterhawks’ service to the Community, eh! Seeing a KPTV news segment in which they were serving dinners to the homeless (11/22) made me proud. Hockey will always be hockey, but let’s also remember they’re ALL good citizens off-ice.

  12. Something for all Hawks fans to consider…

    How would Joe Morrow playing on Sunday night have influenced the outcome? I like to think it would have been substantial. As the Hawks keep winning as the season moves along, it’s not hard to imagine less-talented teams trying more “creative” ways to win. Portland needs to be aware of these tactics and, as hard as it may be in a emotion-filled sport, avoid being baited into situations that end up hurting them on the ice.

    And for the record, if a fight after the period ends gets you a 4-game suspension both goalies should have gotten at least 1 game (Bosch 2), Morrow deserved more than Ranford, and Neigum getting nothing…WTF???

  13. Wow!
    I’ve been watching Winterhawks hockey for 30+/- years and
    I have not observed a single “useless plug” on the Winterhawks team this year. Seems as if all the players are contributing and most all of them in a big way.
    Shawn you are only exposing your own lack of intelligence when you post this kid of rhetoric. Your post smacks of jealousy, immaturity and lack of knowledge about hockey and life in general.
    All that being said – I agree whole heartedly with the posts about irresponsible officiating and lack of visible consequences.
    I am frustrated and confused by the 2 reffs (who were to blame for a bench brawl through their lack of effective officiating and inability to control end of period team ice exits) being allowed to come back the next night and officiate another game for the home team.
    What gives? Is there no legitimate redress available to a Team when this occurs? Andy do you have any information on this process?

  14. The league assigns the officials well before the games to ensure the officials can make the game. Remember, the officials in the WHL all have full time jobs on time of being officials…so, the league is consolidating games and travels sometimes for back to back games.




  16. Hi Andy,

    I posted yesterday, but realized I didn’t ask it of you. Just out of curiosity does anything happen to the refs. Do they also get fines and does someone from the WHL also review that when they reviewed the fights? I seriously don’t know the answer to the question.

    For those who posted yesterday especially Blazer fans. I never stated that I thought any of our players should be off the hook. I am a true fan. If you commit the infraction you have to serve your time, the Hawks included. I am not pointing fingers at either side. I also know that refs. cannot see and make every call. However, this situation could have been avoided and there could have been some serious injuries. As much as I enjoy some of the fighting like a lot of hockey fans, these are kids. I don’t want them hurt, a Hawk, a Blazer, a T-Bird etc. Does anyone seriously want these kids to have brain damage or be paralyzed or to have their career ended before it even starts? No! One of the things I love most about the WHL is seeing where they end up 10, 20 years later. Even though we are very passionate about this game and our team, let’s not lose perspective.

    Go Hawks and have a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving.

  17. Shannon,
    the league reviews game tapes with officials all throughout the season. As far as I know, none get fined as I think that is counter-productive.


  18. Honestly the refs of that game were totally to blame. And Joe Morrow is unreal I totally disagree with the useless plug comment. He needs more icetime!!!

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