Winterhawks 6 – Blazers 4

A bit of old time hockey at the Memorial Coliseum as the Portland Winterhawks knocked off the Kamloops Blazers 6-4 in a game that featured it’s share of chippiness and a near bench brawl at the end of the second period.

The brouhaha at the end of the second period was escalated when Jeff Bosch, the Kamloops netminder took exception to a Portland player shooting the helmet of Dylan Willick, who was just involved with a scrap with Brad Ross at the buzzer, toward the exit door where the Blazers leave the ice.  He then skated over to engage with the Hawks and that brought everyone into the corner where the Hawks were attempting to exit the ice to the locker room.

Why he was so upset at the helmet being shot toward the exit door is beyond me…but Bosch paid the price when he squared off with Mac Carruth and the Hawk goaltender laid the hammer down, cutting Bosch with a quick right.  Both goaltenders got leaving the crease minors, fighting majors and game misconducts.  The leaving the crease minor on Carruth is debatable in my book as he was leaving the ice to head to the locker room when he was challenged by Bosch.  It’s not like he skated the length of the ice to get involved…the involvement found him.  Again, just the way I saw it.

The other component in the scrum was Shayne Neigum who went after Ross during the fight with Willick but was held at bay and then he put a wicked two hand slash on Troy Rutkowski just before the Bosch episode in the corner.

Joe Morrow and Brendan Ranford went at it, but it wasn’t considered a fight by the officials on the ice.  Morrow chased after Ranford after the Kamloops forward slashed Morrow on the way to the scrum.   Before it was over, Seth Swenson and J.C. Lipon went in a spirited scrap in the middle of the ice.

In the end, the Hawks wound up with a two minute power play and the Blazers lost one more player when it was deemed that Chase Schaber was ruled to have had contact with one of the linesmen when he was leaving the ice.

I’m sure the league will review the footage and make the call on any possible fines or suspensions that could be handed down but we may not hear about those until Monday.

In game action…Nino Niederreiter continued his hot play as of late, scoring twice to give him five goals in his last four games and the Hawks power play went 3 for 7 on the night, and that proved to be the difference.   Ryan Johansen, Taylor Aronson, Ty Rattie and Spencer Bennett each had single markers.

Ranford got his league leading 21st of the season and chipped in two assists for the Blazers.

The Hawks get the Spokane Chiefs Sunday night at the Rose Garden…game time is 5:00.



  1. I wasnt able to make it, any chance of posting “all the love” at the end of the 2nd period?

  2. Thank you Andy for the summary about the megascrum. It happened so quickly, and your review helped fill in the “what happened?” gap. I’ll never forget the sight of the Blazer’s bench heading en mass like a pack of wolves as our lads were trying to make a normal end of period exit. Hoping the WHL levels a team fine on those Kamloops thugs. Thanks again.

  3. It’s all ready up on You Tube :) Go Hawks!

  4. In my humble opinion, the responsibility for the “love’ at the end of the second should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the officiating.
    A hot mess of targeted physical play directed at specific players, two un-noticed/unseen kneeings, a whole lot of after the whistle “chippiness” in combination with not controlling the end of period exits from the ice appropriately seems like dereliction of duty.
    Who if anyone reviews their performance (or lack thereof) and is any consequence ever handed down when they let a game get out of control?

  5. WOOOHOOO!!! Old time hockey I hadn’t seen anything like that in a long time. With the choppiness going on I was telling my wife about stuff that used to be the norm then that happened. Wow fun! And it was great to see another win

  6. Felt kinda like some of those Kamloops boys were out for blood last night. Between all the calls in the first (yeah I know, Zalasky and all) and the fights in the second… seemed like a lot of sticks involved and at least a couple of knees that went under the radar (Gabriel and Bartschi), could this be just the beggining of a “target on our backs”?

  7. Hey Andy,
    I was hoping you could maybe clear somthing up for me, I just took a look at the page and noticed, NO suspensions for Kamloops posted? Does this correlate with what you have heard about the whole ordeal? Have to say, I sure missed Morrow and Swenson last night against Spokane and I would hope that Kamloops will suffer equaly for their part… Any light you could shed on this would be much appreciated!

    Thanks much,

  8. The final suspensions/fines haven’t been announced yet…they sat out Morrow/Swenson since the Hawks played last night. I would expect Kamloops to be suspended for their actions as well either later today or on Tuesday.


  9. “Why he was so upset at the helmet being shot toward the exit door is beyond me…” Have you not heard of repect? It’s nice to see that you do admit that the whole thing started with the helmet incident. Nino showed zero respect by doing this and that is the point. After watching this several times, Nino shooting the helmet across the ice is what started it and yes, Bosch took exception to it. These players protect the visors by putting the helmet in the hockey pants when they put them in the hockey bags because they don’t want them to get scratched up. Nino knows this. This was a blatent sign of disrespect by Nino that caused 7 games to his team mates. Very selfish and in my opinion he should have been suspended and no one else.

  10. Ah, alls well in my world again lol. The full list of infractions is indeed now posted. Thanks again and as usual, keep up the good work :)


  11. Hi Andy – Can you tell me why Aronson’s goal was credited to Ross in the Kamloops game? I see you have it as his goal in your recap. I also posted this on the message boards for clarification. Is this something that the Winterhawks take care of or the WHL because it seems to me like they got this one wrong. Usually I see they make the change when they’ve gotten it wrong, seems like the other way around on this one.

    As a past dmen myself, those sparse goals that we do get are pretty important to us!

    As always, I appreciate your broadcasts when I can’t make it to the games.


  12. John,
    the video of the goal was reviewed on Sunday morning by the Hawks coaching staff…they determined that the puck deflected off of Brad Ross’ leg or skate on the way through to the net. That is why it was changed…not just on a whim.


  13. Evan (or whomever you are since you posted under two different names from the same IP address last night), I realize you’re most likely a Kamloops fan (based on your IP address showing a Telus registration), but both teams were at fault for what happened and both were suspended accordingly.

    No visors were harmed in the typing of this message…


  14. @Evan, I watched every youtube video I could find dedicated to this scrum and I find your assertion of intention harm being done to the helmet visor to be completely unfounded. Not to mention which Bosch of all the players being the one to go have words about it is rediculous. If its something that needs to be adressed that badly then send the team captain over. Quit attacking Nino simply because you can.

  15. Why was Ranford yapping at Carruth throughout the 1st and 2nd periods? Is there some history there or is Ranford the Sean Avery type (with better skills).

  16. Everyone yaps…and Carruth is one of the best…I imagine the yapping was both ways but hard to see through the mask of the goaltender.


  17. Thank God for Andy Kemper, I think you need to explain how things go on the ice in hockey to many of the posters on Oregonlive. They seem to have a real tough time grasping it and the kind of emotions that happen in an ultra competitive game like that.

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