It’s a Bonspiel!

The team has arrived in Moose Jaw and with some time this afternoon, the first ever Winterhawks Bonspiel took place at the Curling club across from our hotel…some photos:

Warming up...

Nino likes his shot...

You don't mess with the Johan...

Mac lining it up...

Your Bonspiel Champs - Wotherspoon, Swenson and Rutkowski...they knocked off Mike Johnston, Travis Green, Kyle Gustafson and Rich Campbell in the final...




  1. The boys should curl with our Evergreen Curling Club in Portland.

  2. Monday’s healthy scratches…Wotherspoon, Swenson, Rutkowski.

  3. Now, I’m really impressed! Our heroes can curl, which I think of as chess on ice. This is just so classy. I’ve always been reluctant to admit that I find curling riveting–while my son was looking for Olympic hockey, there was mom glued to the curling. From now on I will hold my head high when telling others how much I enjoy it. Thank you Winterhawks!

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