Swim-a-thon Update…

My daughter Aiden completed her annual swim-a-thon this morning and she accomplished her goal of finishing 200 lengths in under two hours, completing the task in 1:52:50.  That equals 5,000 yards or roughly 3 miles swam…I’m tired just thinking about it.  Thanks to all who donated to the cause, Aiden and the Hillsboro Heat appreciate the support.

The before photo…looking determined:

The after photo….looking tired:




  1. Wow! 3 miles? Were there any breaks, or was it straight through? Either way, my lungs hurt just thinking about it. Props to Aiden!!!

  2. Contracts on it daughters swim meet but I would rather read updates and stuff about the hawks. Why use a hockey blog for swimming just asking

  3. Because I can, Hawker…my space, my rules…

    (And, I’m damn proud of her!)


  4. Hey Hawker4life .. don’t like it???? don’t come to the site, it’s as easy as that.

    Andy, I’m ready for a nap after reading that…. three miles? …. Hats off to you Aiden, job WELL done, pat yourself on the back!

  5. Don’t apologize for nothing. As you stated, you can do what you want. It’s your space. Good on ya. A proud dad is good dad.

  6. Wow I just asked a question didn’t say anything bad I even congratulated ur daughter!!! I understand ur site ur rules and I am not saying to not be proud of her that’s a lot of swimming and I did donate $50 for the swim a thon to a friend who’s child participated. So if u took what I said the wrong way sorry I just look forward to ur updates on the hawk games

  7. Why is it someone just asks a question and they get attacked?

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