Portland/Everett Highlights…

Forgive the fancy graphics…playing a bit in Windows 7 on my new laptop…you can’t really get a good look at the Ryan Johansen shot that went through the net, but here they are anyway:



  1. so that’s what a day off in Everett / Spokane looks like, eh?

    thanks for the clips, Andy!

  2. this is not working for me please help. There is nothing after your :’s

  3. For me doesn’t work on Firefox but works on IE.

  4. Awesome clips; aweseome plays. How ’bout our RyJo, eh! Thanks, Andy!

  5. I tried it in Firefox and IE…. I got nothing but text. Thanks for trying though! =)

  6. I tried it in Firefox and IE…. I got nothing but text. Thanks for trying though!

  7. It’s alive!! Thanks for the clips, Andy… Sorry bout the double-post above too!

  8. Andy, this radio station has been very frustrating. There has been 2 broadcast problems already causing us to miss the end of games. Now tonight at Spokane the online version of 970am is streaming the Jerry Doyle show and not the game.

  9. +1

    I really wanted to hear the game. :-(

  10. You can listen through the Spokanne weblink, but it feels wrong.

  11. I guess I should have said that I wanted to hear Andy. I have never particularly liked the Chief’s announcer.

  12. Where do we find PP and PK stats? It used to be under standings on the WHL web site, but I can’t find it anywhere!

  13. Also, I’m getting nothing on this video. Is it on Youtube or another site? Nothing shows up on my browser.

  14. Jared For this game??

    Go here.


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