1998 Memorial Cup Audio…

Watching Marian Hossa lift the cup last night brought back memories of 1998…so, I thought I would offer up this.

Here is a link to the radio audio of almost the entire broadcast from May 17, 1998…it is missing a section or two (including the second half of the third period when Hossa was injured), but it has the entire pre-game and post-game shows as well as the game winner call from Dean Vrooman.

Scooter with Ron Ross and John Kirby with the call from Spokane…

The link is here.


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  1. Wow…memories. I was huddled around my computer in Guangzhou China in 1998, with a very slow 14.4 kbps dial up modem that could crash at any moment…delaying the moment of going to work (game was on in the morning China time). For whatever reason, that telephone line held up the entire game…what a tragic finish for Hossa…but what elation at the end.

    I did get a little misty eyed yesterday watchiing him actually hold the cup while on his feet.

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