Greetings from YVR…

YVR is Vancouver, BC, BTW…

Marian Hossa and the Chicago Blackhawks are two games away from capturing the Stanley Cup for the first time in nearly 50 years.  They won the first two games of the Final on home ice and now move to Philadelphia to try and close out the Flyers.

Hossa was in the same situation last year with Detroit, up 2-0 heading to Pittsburgh and that didn’t quite work out for him or the Wings, so he’s hoping that 2010 will be different and the supposed “Hossa Curse” crap will disappear.

Braydon Coburn, despite being a -3 in Game 1, has played well, IMO, in his first Stanley Cup Final.   The experience that he and the rest of the team got in the historic come from behind series win over Boston will serve them well in this series against Chicago.

In Canada, there is a ton of chatter on the sports networks about Chris Pronger taking the game puck from both Game 1 and Game 2 as Chicago was celebrating the win.  It is a bit of sportsmanship on Pronger’s part, but in the end, if the Blackhawks win the series, they won’t give a rip about the game pucks.

The NHL Draft Combine was held last week in Toronto and four Winterhawks took part – Ryan Johansen, Nino Niederreiter, Brad Ross and Troy Rutkowski.  Not all of the results were posted, but the NHL listed the top 10 in each category and here are how some of the Hawks finished:

Anaerobic Fitness – Fatigue Index:

Troy Rutkowski – 6th

Musculoskeletal – Vertek Vertical Jump Pause (Inches):

Ryan Johansen – 7th

Muscoloskeletal – Vertek Vertical Jump No Pause (Inches):

Ryan Johansen – T-7th

Muscoloskeletal – Vertek Leg Power Peak /No Pause:

Ryan Johansen – 1oth

Muscoloskeletal – Left Hand Grip:

Ryan Johansen – 3rd

Mucoloskeletal – Push Ups (Max #):

Brad Ross – T-2nd

Muscoloskeletal – Push Ups * Body Weight:

Brad Ross – 6th

MuscoloskeletalPush Strength (lb/lb Body Weight):

Brad Ross – T-5th

Don’t forget the Hawks NHL Draft Party at Buffalo Wild Wings on June 25th, starting at 3:00.

Here is a pic from the last Chicago Cup win (Bobby Hull and Jack Evans with the Cup)…


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  1. Hey Andy. Mike Richards TOI tonight (game 4) was 21:12. I of course thought of you right away. =)

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