How The Hawks Were Built…

With the Bantam Draft two days away…here is a look at how the current roster heading (meaning those that are eligible to return, not necessarily those that will return) into 2010-11 was assembled…

2 – Troy Rutkowski – Listed as a Free Agent 6/1/2007

5 – Luca Sbisa – Acquired from Lethbridge via trade 1/10/2010

6 – Brett Ponich – 2nd Round, #30 overall, 2006 WHL Bantam Draft

7 – Joe Morrow – 2nd Round, #28 overall, 2007 WHL Bantam Draft

8 – Ty Rattie – 1st Round, #2 overall, 2008 WHL Bantam Draft

11 – Oliver Gabriel – Listed as a Free Agent 9/4/2007

14 – Luke Walker – Listed as a Free Agent 3/8/2007

16 – Spencer Bennett – Listed as a Free Agent 1/27/2009

17 – Riley Boychuk – 1st Round, #10 overall, 2006 WHL Bantam Draft

18 – Brad Ross – 1st Round, #5 overall, 2007 WHL Bantam Draft

19 – Ryan Johansen – 7th Round, #150 overall, 2007 WHL Bantam Draft

22 – Nino Niederreiter – 1st Round, #2 overall, 2009 CHL Import Draft

23 – Seth Swenson – 10th Round, #201 overall, 2009 WHL Bantam Draft

24 – Gasper Kopitar – Listed as a Free Agent 12/7/2008

25 – Taylor Peters – 4th Round, #68 overall, 2007 WHL Bantam Draft

26 – Tyler Wotherspoon – 2nd Round, #23 overall, 2008 WHL Bantam Draft

31 – Mac Carruth – Listed as a Free Agent 9/22/2009

34 – Ian Curtis – Listed as a Free Agent 11/25/2008

37 – Taylor Aronson – Listed as a Free Agent 2/22/2009

51 – Derrick Pouliot – 1st Round, #1 overall, 2009 WHL Bantam Draft

55 – Tayler Jordan – 5th Round, #84 overall, 2005 WHL Bantam Draft



  1. I just want to say THANKS Andy for all your behind the scenes work that you do. You really bring a lot of information to us and lets us get to know the team better! Keep up the good work—and go golfing and relax sometime as well!

  2. Hey Andy – thanks for the information… very interesting to see how the Hawks roster was put together –

    Looks to me like Peters will be the only player on the roster next season who was drafted in the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth round of the bantam draft – just something I noticed

    Rutkowski and Aronson….both undrafted….. amazing

  3. Wow hard to believe that Ryan Johansen came in the seventh round! Looks like he panned out better than we could have expected

  4. Free agents and late round picks that not only are able to MAKE your team – but turn out to be dominant, franchise WHL players. It has been the key to consistent winning in the WHL ever since the player lists were limited to 50 and the bantam draft came into place in the early 1990’s. This is the first time I have ever seen a Portland team that has been built this way. Very encouraging indeed.

  5. Andy,

    It seems to me (been watching WHL since 86-87) that we will yet again have a serious deficency on defense. Ponich cannot carry himself period. Sbisa 97% will not return. Aronson shows promise, but lacks physicality. Morrow could be great if he quit giving 80%, and decided that we need 110%. Pouliot was amazing with the puck the few times I saw him. I however fear his size, or lack there of will be a huge factor. We have nobody that will take the body.

    My questions are. With Johnstons laid back, non attacking defensive scheme, how are the Hawks going to be any better next year? Do you believe Johnston needs to change his philosophy?

    My predictions:

    Curtis will go. Not only was he average, his attitude showed as it did in PG. We can at least acquire a big body D man for him.

    Boychuk needs to either take the role of enforcer, or be a screen such as Thomas Holstrom. He showed promise 08-09. 09-10 his speed diminshed, his contributions diminished (maybe not on the stat sheet), but he cost the Hawks with his EXTREME lack of disclipline.

    Ross needs to compose himself period.

    I have a lot more to say, but I am honestly interested in your (Andy) unbiased opinion. If you don’t want to post it here, feel free to email me.

    With Regards,


  6. Scooter,

    I apologize! I did not see you on here. I am even more so interested in hearing your opinion. Your WHL knowledge, and Hawks knowledge supercedes most. You were (still are the man) dating back to the Brian Shaw, Ken Hodge days.

    That leads me to another question. Why did the Hawks want a change with the following? PA announcer? The current one makes many mistakes. Get Dan (I believe the name is right) back on the mic. Dan is still around. He didn’t ask to go. Our joke of a front office asked him to go. Scooter GET back on the radio. Andy is
    great, but you are superior! Finally. Bring back the organ. The front office changed everything that they “thought” was broken by the previous ownership. Get this team to resemble the Brian Shaw, and Ken Hodge era’s. Irregardless of the teams record they still put 7000 fans in the seats on any weekend. The current front office sells 3000, but announces 7000 in the playoffs.

  7. Brandon,
    is there such a thing as an “unbiased opinion”?

    My thoughts are that I am more optimistic about this team than you are, judging by your comments. In the message to me and then in the one to Scooter, it appears that you want the game to be what it was 20 years ago…well, that just ain’t happening. You talk about physical play and while all teams want to play physical, in today’s game however, it is harder to do as you will find yourself, more often than not, killing too many penalties.

    Oh, and the Hawks will not acquire a “big body d-man” for Ian Curtis…nor will any other team for any other 20 year old goaltender, they just don’t have that much value in today’s market.

    Today’s game is more about speed and attack and I find it interesting that you describe Mike Johnston’s style as “laid back, non attacking defensive scheme”, I think he (and I, for that matter) would disagree with that. Johnston wants his teams to be the more aggressive offensive teams every game. That includes activating the defense and allowing guys like Rutkowski, Aronson, Morrow and, in the future, Pouliot a chance to join and lead the rush.

    You mentioned Tomas Holmstrom…but look at the Red Wings…do they play a punishing, physical style? Does Vancouver or Chicago? Nope…Johnston knows what today’s game is all about and he is developing his team to play that way.

    I appreciate that you’ve watched the game for so long and I too wish we could have the rough and tumble game back on some nights. Games with 12 goals and 4 fights…but that just isn’t in the cards right now. I hope that the team will prove to you in 2010-11 that they are on the right track.

    Thanks for reading…


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