A Great Season Ends…

I wasn’t ready for this season to end…but it did tonight…congratulations to the Vancouver Giants as they advance to take on the Tri City Americans for the WHL Western Conference Championship.  It should be a great series.

I said a lot of thank you’s on the post game show tonight and I sincerely meant all of them…and I also want to thank the readers of this blog.

With that being said…I need a break…the blog will be updated at different points during the off-season, but for now, I’m ready to step away for a while…

Until further notice…this blogger is out…



  1. Andy, Thanks for the great season. Have a great off-season and if you get a chance to talk to Chris Francis please tell him THANK YOU for everything he has done from all FANS!

  2. Andy, thanks for everything you do to keep us informed and give us a place to share our thoughts and comments. Good job this season Hawks! Very entertaining hockey this year! Cant wait for next season. By the way I hope the big guy that slipped on the ice durring the intermission will be okay.

  3. Add me to the list of thank yous for the hard work Andy and Todd did over the season. The Portland Winterhawks are back

  4. Ditto from me. Thanks Andy – you and your broadcast team did a great job. It is unbelievable to see the turn-around in the team in a few short years. The team played with incredible heart and were easy to support and fun to watch. The player interviews you had last night also showed how tight they have all become. All of the coaching and front office staff also did a great job. It is great to see more signs of the team in the community – this will pay off in the long run. Lastly, I think we need to give the most credit to the new ownership who appears to have the best interests of the team and the community in mind and is not afraid to take some risks in terms of investing money in the operation. Can’t wait for next year!

  5. Andy,
    As someone who has moved out of the area (now WAY out of the area), I appreciate all you do on this blog to keep everyone updated on the Winterhawks. It was a great season, enjoy your break but dont make it too long…
    Pat Nolan
    Heidelberg Germany

  6. Thanks more than you know from this Hawks fan Andy. You kept me with the team for some bad years and it was a pure pleasure to get to listen to you and Todd call this season. Can’t wait to tune in next season, Happy Summer :)

    Matt Horton

  7. Hey Andy…you, Todd, Scooter…did a fantastic job of making us feel like we were there for those ‘away’ games.

    If you can POSSIBLY let us know if the guy who fell on the ice is okay, that would seriously Rock. We’re all just a little worried for him and his family.

    We’ll get ’em NEXT SEASON!!! See you in September!

  8. Thanks Andy for your thoughts here on the blog and you, Todd, John and Scooter’s work during what was a fun post season. At least the road games, that is. You guys do a great job all year long, but you definitely stepped up your game during the playoffs, as the players did.

    Here’s to hearing your voices from some far away lands a little over a year from now! Next season and beyond are going to be quite a ride!

    Have a great Summer.

    Go Hawks!

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