Webster’s Dictionary May Need an Update…




// /rɪˈzɪlyənt, -ˈzɪliənt/ Show Spelled[ri-zil-yuhnt, -zil-ee-uhnt] Show IPA


1.  springing back; rebounding.
2.  returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched.
3. recovering readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyant.
They may just need to add:
4.  See 2009-10 Portland Winterhawks.
The never-say-die Winterhawks won a tense game last night at the Pacific Coliseum by a margin of 5-4 to force the series back to Portland for Game 6 on Tuesday and, if necessary, Game 7 on Wednesday.   Tuesday nights game will be played in the Rose Garden, instead of the previously announced Memorial Coliseum, at 7:00.   We will have our radio broadcast back on 95.5 The Game, but no pre-game show, as we will go on the air right at 7:00.
Nino Niederreiter was the driving force last night for Portland as he scored twice in the first period and then set up Ryan Johansen for the pivotal fourth goal after the Giants had rallied to tie the score at 3-3.  When Nino skates like he did last night and forces the defense, he is very hard to handle, and I loved his comment on our post-game show…”I shoot the puck…the puck go in”…it’s as simple as that.
Mac Carruth rebounded from the first two games to get his first win of the series, stopping 36 of 40 shots on the night.  He was solid and you have to love the way he battles for every save and for every inch of ice around his crease.
With Taylor Aronson not in the line-up, I thought that Tyler Wotherspoon really played well for his first WHL playoff game.  Spooner played poised and physical and while he didn’t get a ton of ice time, I think he proved to everyone that he can be a reliable, contributing player when they call his number.
This series is still going to be a difficult one to win…and you have to expect the Giants to come out guns-a-blazin’ on Tuesday night.   The Hawks fought hard to get home ice advantage in the second round…now they need to make some hay out of it.
Can’t wait until Tuesday…


  1. Andy, are the refs going to essentially take our home ice advantage from us, as they did in the first two games, or can we hope for some competent officiating in the next game. Inquiring hockey minds would like to know??????????

  2. As the season is nearing an end i look back and think how far the team has come in such short time. This season has been so exciting and i hope it continues past tonight but i am even more exited for what is yet to come next season and the season after that! Nick Patterson from the Everett blog quoted this statement recently, “And there’s one more substantial obstacle in Everett’s way: Portland. The Winterhawks are still alive in the playoffs, and they’re doing so with a team awash in 17-year-old talent. Portland could be frighteningly good next season, a likely Memorial Cup contender, and for the Tips to contend they’re going to have to find a way to match up with the Winterhawks”. Thanks Nick that is a nice thing to say. I hope you are right

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