Deja Vu All Over Again…

All we needed was Doc Brown and the DeLorean last night to take us back to April 6, 2006…as it was Deja Vu all over again last night in Spokane.

I think it is ironic in a series where we talked about the Spokane Chiefs experience that it was a 16 year old rookie in Ty Rattie, set up by an 18 year old rookie Taylor Aronson, that decided the outcome with the biggest goal of his young career to send the Hawks rolling home on a happy, happy bus.

It’s been posted elsewhere, but here is my goal call…a little less distorted…

Yeah…it was a bit of fun in the press box.

It is also ironic that we spent a lot of time int he pregame show talking about the Hawks last Game 7, the 4-3 come from behind win over Seattle at the Key Arena…and hence the Deja Vu title…this game was eerily similar.  The only thing missing was Kyle Bailey down on the ice with his leg twisted the wrong direction…although Oliver Gabriel did limp off at one point, but he returned.  Other similarities…

– Hawks were down 3-0 in both games and trailed 3-2 at the end of two periods.

– Both Seattle and Spokane had chances to win it late in the game but hit the post…Ryan Gibbons on a breakaway with the game tied 3-3 in Seattle and Mitch Wahl early in the third with a chance to put his team up 5-2.

– The Hawks went the distance with a rookie goaltender for the series – Kurtis Mucha in 2006 and Mac Carruth in 2010.

Both games will go down in Winterhawks history as memorable playoff wins…

Now the Hawks prepare for the Vancouver Giants starting Saturday night at the Memorial Coliseum, game time is 7:00.

If you want an early look at the series, you can tune into the Vancouver Giants radio hockey show tonight at 7:00 with their play-by-play guy Morley Scott.  You can listen live here on the AM 650 website from Vancouver.  I’ll be Morley’s guest at about 7:20 tonight.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the Spokane Chiefs organization and especially their Head Coach Hardy Sauter.  Hardy was extremely accessible and accommodating for our radio broadcasts in the entire series.

Next up…Hawks and Giants…bring on Round 2.



  1. Andy,
    Who were the 3 stars last night?

  2. 3 Stars:

    1 – Mitch Wahl
    2 – Ryan Johansen
    3 – Ty Rattie

  3. Another similarity is that we also went on to play vancouver in the second round in 2006. Now lets just hope for a different outcome this year.

  4. “Now lets just hope for a different outcome this year.”

    after the first game vs vancouver…

  5. Has Ty Rattie smiled yet? Not even the game winner can get that kid to smile!!!

    Bye Bye Beach!!! Never again.

    Bring the curtains down at the Glass Palace for the weekend.

    Why are we not using the Garden for Sunday the 4th and potentially Tuesday the 13th? There are no events scheduled in the Garden on those days (according to the Rose Quarter site).

  6. KBH…
    Rattie gave me a huge smile when I congratulated him on the winner…

    Not sure on the building issues, but it could have something to do with a quick turn time from the concert Saturday to ice on Sunday, and it being the Easter holiday weekend.


  7. just wanted to say youre a beauty and cant wait for this season!

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