Ponich Signs…and, oh yeah…Game 7…

Photo Credit - Bryan Heim

For the second straight day, it is great to report a NHL signing from the Portland Winterhawks.

This time is 18 year old defenseman Brett Ponich, a 2nd round selection of the St. Louis Blues in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, who signed with the Blues to an entry level contract.

Details can be found here.

Ponich was the Hawks 2nd round Bantam Selection in 2006 and made his debut as a 15 year old for a couple games three years ago.  He played a full season as a 16 year old and was named Team Captain at the start of this season.

Ponich is also one of those great character players, much like Stefan Schneider who signed with the Vancouver Canucks earlier, and is a key leader on this team.

The 6’7 d-man would have to play in the NHL next season to play pro, and it is anticipated that he will be back for his 19 year old season on 2010-11.

Congrats to Brett on the signing!

As far as Game 7 goes…the team left Portland just before lunch time today and arrived in Spokane around 5:00 this evening.

The boys appear loose and confident heading into tomorrow night’s deciding game and I look forward to calling the game with Todd Vrooman and John Kirby.

It would have been great to wrap it up in front of the vocal crowd last night at the Rose Garden…but we can’t look back now and worry about what happened last night.

Our pre-game show will be on Freedom 970 at 6:40…can’t wait….



  1. are there any game posts after a hawks loss or?

  2. A question … the other night when they did the 7th “man” and the kid lined up next to Carruth …. did anyone get it on video? That was priceless. Tried to see if it was on Youtube, but either I am not indexing it right or it’s not there. It was very cute and had all the people who sit around me going “awwwwwwwww” ….. i’m not sure what was cuter … the kid standing next to Mac or the looks on the faces of the starting lineup as the kid skated PAST them ….

  3. Congratulations to Brett! What great news for him and the organization.

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