Schneider Signing Official…He’s a Canuck…

You don’t know how hard it is has been to not say something about this since I found out about it on Thursday…but, it is now official…Stefan Schneider has signed a NHL contract with the Vancouver Canucks.

The release is here.

If there has ever been a better “feel good” story than Schneider’s in Winterhawk history, I don’t know about it.

Schneider came over to the Hawks as a 7th defenseman from the Vancouver Giants for “future considerations” at the start of last season.  He was moved to forward and he quickly became the most reliable defensive center the Hawks have had since Chris Jacobsen and he showed that he had what it took to be a veteran leader and role model for the young Hawks heading into this season.

The signing was a bit of a shock for Schneider as he didn’t even have an agent until early last week.   There had been a lot of interest shown by NHL teams in Schneider but all the 20 year old wanted was one shot…at a tryout.   Well, he got a bit better than that.

To say that everyone in the Hawks organization is proud of Schneider and for his signing would be a huge understatement.

Congratulations Stefan…you have earned this the old fashioned way…with hard work and dedication.  He was never drafted in the Bantam Draft nor the NHL Draft…a great story and a great testament to every player that it can be done.

But…before you head off to the pros…the work isn’t done here in Portland…let’s take Game 6 tonight and head to the second round!



  1. GO Hawks

  2. What a great kid! I feel so lucky to have even met Stefan. He’s very deserving of this and will make the most of it I’m sure. Couldn’t be more proud of one of our Winterhawks!

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