Man, this has seemed like a long week…

Seems like it was eons ago that the Hawks finished off the Seattle Thunderbirds on Nino Niederreiter’s empty netter to finish out the regular season with the Hawks on a four game winning streak.

I’m sure that for the Coaching staff that the time is flying by as they prepare for battle with the Spokane Chiefs starting Saturday night at the Rose Garden.  The team has been skating all week at Valley Ice Arena in Beaverton getting in quality practice time in anticipation of the weekend games.

Starting at home is not the norm when you don’t have home ice advantage and knowing that possibly four of the last five games would be in Spokane adds a little extra pressure on the home team this weekend.  The good thing, I guess, is that Portland has confidence in Spokane, having won all four games between the two teams there this season.

For the players, they seemed loose and relaxed when I visited practice on Monday and they are showing their unity by dyeing their hair black and with some doing Mohawks for the first round.  Video evidence can be found here.

I had a question in the comments about the injury status of Kyle Beach…well, unless I’m Kyle Beach or the Spokane Chiefs Coach’s, Trainer or someone in the inner circle of the Chiefs, anything that is said can be taken with a grain of salt.   Playoff injury status’ are rarely accurate as teams do their best to hide injury updates from the public.

What I know is that Beach left the ice favoring his right leg after taking a leg on leg hit by Tyler Schmidt that earned Schmidt a one game suspension.  Those are the facts…and they are undisputed.  (Quick…what movie is that line from?)  After that, it is all speculation on the severity and timeframe for return.

Back earlier in the decade, Scooter reminded me of a story of Dustin Johner of the Seattle Thunderbirds appearing in the media room on crutches one night and in the line-up the next game for Seattle.   That would be during the extremely controversial series where Paul Gaustad and Joey Hope drew suspensions for minor penalties and the only major penalty in the series against Brooks Laich didn’t warrant a suspension (for Game 7, which Seattle won).

I fully expect Beach to be in the line-up on Saturday…even if he is seen on crutches this week.

Gotta love playoff hockey…I only wish this week would conclude so we could get to it…


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  1. A Few Good Men…….

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