Going Out With a Bang…

Photo Credit - Bryan Heim

It’s hard to believe that the Portland Winterhawks have played out their 2009-10 regular season home schedule, but they have, and they went out in style, knocking off the Everett Silvertips 3-0 last night at the MC.

The Hawks finish their home record at 21-12-2-1 and in an odd statistical anomaly, the Hawks never won more than two in a row at home all season, but they did have 10 two game winning streaks.

Spencer Bennett tied his career best with a three point night and Mac Carruth stopped all 26 shots he faced to earn his first career WHL shutout to lead Portland to the win.

Everett came out of the game firing, getting 10 of the first 12 shots on net, but Portland killed off a couple power plays against and took over from there, dominating in all zones and out shooting Everett 38-16 the rest of the way.

Bennett’s line with Riley Boychuk and Ty Rattie have been very good since being put back together late in the game on Friday night against Spokane and they were the Hawks best line on Tuesday.  Rattie got the Hawks started off a nice set up by Boychuk and Bennett and the Hawks didn’t look back with eight minutes remaining in the opening period.

Bennett banged home a power play goal and then set up Luca Sbisa to make it 3-0 early in the third and the only thing remaining to secure was Carruth’s shutout.  The two teams went through an incredible 10 minute stretch when there were no whistles as the Hawks methodically and efficiently kept Everett at bay with a stong forecheck and really good backchecking in the defensive zone.

Carruth has now gone 11-4-0-1 in his last 16 decisions after starting his WHL career at 1-5-0-0.

By hitting 40 shots, the Hawks have hit at least 40 shots on 23 different occasions so far in 2009-10 with two games remaining against Chilliwack on Friday and Seattle and Saturday.  In those games, the Hawks went 18-4-1-0.

And, lastly, with the win the Hawks have now have set a new team record for biggest year-to-year turnaround, having garnered 44 more points than last season and they have two games remaining to add to that total.

That’s it for now…

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  1. I just got throught trying to figure out the playoff format … can someone translate?

  2. Can you tell me the status of Ian Curtis? Carruth has been playing great but it seems like Curtis is not getting the starts he as prior to his injury.

  3. Sue…
    The first round of the playoffs uses Conference Standings…1 through 8 with the division winners getting the top 2 spots…

    1 plays 8
    2 plays 7
    3 plays 6
    4 plays 5

    The winners advance and they are re-seeded by regular season standings.

    Right now, it isn’t clear who plays whom in the Western Conference as of yet.


  4. Curtis is healthy…nothing else to report there.


  5. So .. if the playoffs were today, who’d be playing who?
    TriCities ( 93)
    Everett (93)
    Spokane (91)
    Portland ( 87)
    Vancouver ( 85)
    Kelowna (72)
    Kamloops (70)
    Chillawak (68)

  6. TC – CWK
    VAN – KAM
    EVT – KEL
    SPO – POR

    Basically, move VAN to 2nd and everyone after that down one spot…

  7. Guess who leads the WHL in penalty minutes this year…………

    Brad Ross!!!

    Has this league gone soft? What happened to the 300+ penalty minute guys?

    Who holds the Winterhawk record for the most penalty minutes in a season? Curious. I would guess someone like Randy Turnbull.

  8. Thanks for the short (but sweet) explanation, Andy. NOW it makes more sense to me. To answer KBH’s question: Most penalty minutes in one season (according to the on-line book through 2009) is Doug Lecuyer with 1.121. I would have guessed it was Randy as well.

  9. Hawks on the warpath and playing great defense. This team could make the playoffs very interesting.

  10. who is between the pipes in game 1 of the playoffs?

  11. KBH —

    10-minute and game misconduct penalties no longer count in the PIM totals for individual players, that’s why there’s nobody over 200 PIM this year. I believe in the old days you got 15 for a game misconduct and 10 (obviously) for a 10-minute misconduct. And I think refs could hand out multiple game misconducts at once, so you could start multiplying the 15-minute penalties.

    Sue —

    The 1,121 PIM for Lecuyer is a career record. The single-season record for the Hawks is 430 by Randy Turnbull in 1981-82. The WHL record is 511 under the old rules.

  12. Sue….

    Quick correction on your numbers… the stat you posted above was Lecuyer’s CAREER numbers (I didn’t think it’d be possible to rack up that much in one season, lol)

    The leader for PIM’s in one season WAS Randy Turnbull in ’81-’82 with 430.

    So, your instinct was right after all. =)

  13. I thought the Hawks played a terrific defensive game against Everett. Our defense was very good but the defensive support by the forwards made a huge difference. I also thought that Taylor Jordan played his best game as a Hawk.


  15. So, since 10 minute and game misconducts have been thrown out of the personal stats, there must be a handfull of players around 300 PIMs. But 430 in one season, that is an impressive total. I remember the swagger skating style of Randy Turnbull. He skated with his shoulders. Funny memories.

    Morrow got dinged up in the Spokane fight, correct?

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