Kennedy Suspension Handed Down…

After a week of waiting, the final word was put on the WHL website today about the duration of the suspension for Tri City forward Todd Kennedy who knocked Eric Doyle out of the Hawks line-up indefinately with a concussion.

The final verdict is:  seven games.

This is the longest suspension of the season handed out by the WHL and means Kennedy will miss four more games (having served three already) before he can return to the line-up for Tri City.   Kennedy wasn’t a regular with Tri City, havng appeared in only eight games (mostly due to injury) since being acquired from the Vancouver Giants earlier in the season.

The Hawks and Ams will meet tonight and Saturday at the Rose Garden…

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  1. Once again, a player gets a suspension for an illegal hit and is playing again before the injured played is able to return to play. The NHL, as well as other leagues, need to consider a penalty that is the equivalent of the amount of games that the injured played misses. Brutal.

  2. Ok I understand you are upset but you dont know if Tod will be back before Doyle, for all we know is that Doyle will play Monday. I had a clear shot of the hit and it was clean and for it being a Brutal and a illegal hit you cant tell from the video because you see Tod come in late and all you see is one stride and he glides in to check Doyle who was skating with the puck also with his head down. Tod put the same hit on a PG player in January and wasnt called for anything because we had a ref that knew what he was doing. Papp and Hanson let that game get way out of hand. You have to say because unless there is a couple of line brawls 103 pim is rediculous. I think the justice is right if you look at all the charging supensions this year it fits with most of them

  3. From your perspective, it was a clean hit. Apparently, the league thought otherwise. The deliberations that took a week were not centered on whether the hit was clean or not. It was not a clean hit and that was obvious to the league. The deliberations were about how long to keep Kennedy out. Kennedy does not belong in the WHL on two counts. First, he lacks the skills to be a regular. Secondly, he flat out lacks the character.

  4. Hey zf2,

    A “clean” hit doesn’t result in a multiple game suspension. Who are you kidding?

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