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The month of February for me will be remembered as the I-5 month as once again I’ve made my way up the Interstate to Seattle for a few days of work with a Hawks game in Everett mixed in tomorrow night.

The drive this morning gave me a chance to think about yesterday afternoon’s loss to the Moose Jaw Warriors and while it was a tough way to lose, it isn’t the end of the world.  The Hawks had picked up points in a season high nine straight games (going 8-0-1-0) prior to the loss yesterday.

Something about playing the Eastern Conference brought out the offense in the six games in Portland this year as the Hawks and their Eastern Conference opponents combined for 62 goals in six games (an average of 10.33/game) while for the season, the game average has been 7.31/game.

Had you asked most people if getting six out of eight points was reasonable when you looked at the schedule starting last Wednesday with the Tri City Americans coming to town, add in the long trip to PG for the back-to-back on Friday/Saturday and then the long trip back to Portland for the afternoon game on Monday, most would have said that getting six would have been more than acceptable.

The loss was the first for the Hawks this season when leading after two periods, they had gone 25-0-0-0 prior, and that was tough to take and I think Mike Johnston is right in his comments to the papers that the Hawks appeared mentally tired.  I know that I was and I just had to call the games, not actually having to play in them.

In any case, as with any loss (or game for that matter), there are things you can learn from them and I’m sure the coaching staff will use Monday’s game as a teaching tool as this young team continues to push for home ice advantage in the first round.

I do know that the Hawks from the net out will need to be better than Monday to get two points out of the Comcast Arena tomorrow night.

I didn’t get a chance to see the U.S./Switzerland game today as I was traveling, but I understand that Luca Sbisa got some playing time for the Swiss.  It is just really cool to have a player on the Hawks roster on that big of a stage.

I did watch Canada destroy Norway, after the first period anyway, and am looking forward to seeing Russia do the same to Latvia later tonight.

The Winter Olympics are just a tremendous time, I hope that all of you get a chance to watch some of the action (albeit mostly taped delayed thanks to NBC).  At least the hockey has been live today on CNBC and USA.

More later this week…

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  1. Is anybody else a liitle concerned about our goaltending situation? Our #1 goalie Ian Curtis has not been playing his best hockey of the season. I heard he hurt his neck is sunburned because of the red light when allowing goals. Is it the goaltending or the defense giving up too many good scoring opportunities? Lets hope the team can play better team defense to conclude the season and into the playoffs. It is going to be tough to win in the playoffs if we give up 5 goals a game. The Western division is loaded with great defense and goaltending.

  2. With worse stats than a guy being pulled every other game; who’s out of the league next year; who only made the team because there was a huge cry-fest made about it; who lacks the conceptual understanding of “business.” Yep, really sorry about that move.
    Back on topic: 2 pulls in 2 nights – We’d be better off with a gargoyle in net lately.

    Things that make you go hhmmmmmm………….

    Wonder what our braintrust at the healm thinks about his decision to trade Mucha away for nothing? If his goal was to just make the playoffs, then why make the big trade for Sbisa? They say for the push into the playoffs, or a deep run. Then why not keep your #1 goaltender, who you talked him into not taking the minor contract to come back to portland for the last season, make a deep run then let me slap you in the face and send you packin…..GOT MUCHA??? Wish to god we still did!!!!

    Would make alot more sense to keep you #1 goalie, let HIM work with the younger 17 year old goalie whos has great promise with our team, instead of a 19yr old who cant hack it in the WHL, who is only here because the parents are good friends with our braintrust. This guy couldn’t stop the puck if his life depended on it.

    Hey Mike, grow a pair and admit to your mistake, too bad we will be out in the first round. Could of, Should of, would of….huh??

  3. Geeze is it me or are Winterhawk fans forgetting that this is a really young team that is still growing into itself? What is wrong with you people as you are already trashing a team that has gone from the trash heap to a very possible home ice in the first round of the WHL playoffs.

    Maybe you folks would love to return to the days of the Goldsmith crew instead of building towards an annual contender not a 1 and done.

    Show some patience and let this team grow up before you jump off the bandwagon

  4. Ron, I hate sounding rude, but you’re absolutely clueless. Buy a compass and a flashlight.

  5. I am a regular reader of Andy’s blog and am not usually one to post; however, Ron’s comments have inspired me (if you can call it that).

    Ron, you are entitled to your opinion about the goaltending lately, but i feel the need to remind you that Curtis’s record for the season prior to his injury at the end of January was (roughly) 18 – 5 – 1 – 1.

    How you can argue that he is useless and has not helped the team get to where they are now is beyond me.

    Oh wait, that’s right – in your opinion, when the Hawks wins with Curtis in net it’s because the TEAM played well… no thanks to him specifically. But, when the Hawks lose, it’s because Curtis specifically played horribly.

    Seems like he just can’t win where you’re concerned.

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