Moving Forward…

Well, the finish last night wasn’t what the Portland Winterhawks wanted, but looking back at the game, the Hawks did a lot right and to come from behind twice to earn at least one point is a positive.

The Hawks certainly generated enough chances and despite being held off the scoresheet, I was impressed (again) by the line of Ty Rattie/Chris Francis/Luke Walker.  They continue to be a dominant line for the Hawks and they set the tone a lot of nights for the Hawks.

Also, the Oliver Gabriel/Stefan Schneider/Riley Boychuk were very good last night as well, scoring twice.  Gabriel has been steady, if not spectacular, since returning from his spleen injury, posting 16 points in 24 games, which, if averaged over a 72 game season would be 48 points.  Fairly impressive from a so-called third line guy.

Looking at the season series record, I guess both teams can say that they “won” the series as both teams went 2-1-1-0 with each team winning in overtime once.  In essence, both teams pick up five points in the four games for an unconventional “split” of the series.  Portland did outshoot Kamloops 181-111 in the four games.

Speaking of shots, the Hawks have now generated over 40 shots for three straight games.

Now it is time to move forward and get ready for Seattle for the home-and-home this weekend…the Hawks magic number to at least tie for a playoff spot is 5 wins or Seattle losses…two wins this weekend and the number drops to 1.

See you at the Garden tomorrow night…

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  1. It wasn’t the only reason, but goaltending was the primary factor for the loss. Caruth wasn’t bad but he could not stop one of the four breakaway opportunities presented to him. On the other side Mucha was all over it making key end game stops.

    And that Ross move losing the puck at the end of the game was horrible.

  2. I agree, Caruth was so so in the game and didn’t come up with the saves that had to be made to notch the win. But, he has played well overall in his last 4 apperances.

    Andy, I do have one question – if you can answer it? I recently saw a practice when Ian Curtis was hurt and there was another goalie practicing with the Hawks. In fact, he looked every bit as good as Caruth did in practice – better actually. Any idea who this kid was? I was told he was a local kid? A local kid – and a goalie at that – playing for the Hawks would be kind of cool!

  3. I haven’t made it to any practices lately…so not sure who it was…



  4. Nice air drumming job at the last game andy :)

  5. Keith Hamilton …….

  6. It wasn’t Hamilton, Brian…he did not return with the team following the game in Langley…


  7. i know that …… i just wanted to give him a chance

  8. Mystery solved. The goalie in question is a local goalie – Sean Buckley (’92). Sean has been practicing with the Hawks off and on throughout the season as injuries and absences (Mucha when is was in Edmonton and Ian Curtis – shoulder injury) prevented the Hawks from having two goalies practice.

    Sean has WHL camp experience (Chillwack Bruins) but continues to play at the Jr A Tier III level.

    Nice to see a local kid at least practicing – and competing – with the Hawks on the rare occasion :)

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