What Part of Deadline Did They Not Understand?

A little less than a month after the supposed WHL Trade Deadline, the Seattle Thunderbirds put out a press release today announcing that they had acquired the rights to defenseman Austin Baecker from the Lethbridge Hurricanes for a conditional 6th round bantam pick in the 2011 draft…hmmm…inquiring minds want to know how that is possible after the deadline and before the trade moratorium is lifted around the WHL Bantam Draft?

The WHL is holding a meeting in Las Vegas this week and evidently this came out of that meeting…and, if so…how or why does it happen now???

I know that Major League Baseball has a trade deadline at the end of July, but can make trades after that if the players being traded pass through waivers prior to be being dealt…does the WHL have something similar that no one has ever heard about it?

Maybe the league will make an announcement of some sort about it…so far…nothing on their site, just the press release on the Seattle site.

From what I’ve heard, Baecker will not be eligible to join the Thunderbirds this season, so, why announce it now and not when the moratorium (or supposed moratorium) is lifted?

Will this be a case of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas or will we get an actual explanation of how this deal happens in February?

Stay tuned…

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