Wednesday Thoughts…

Some randomness on a Wednesday…

— Luca Sbisa arrived in Portland on Monday from Switzerland, sans luggage as his bags weren’t on the same flight into PDX from O’Hare in Chicago.  So, that meant that Sbisa couldn’t skate with the team when they practiced at Valley Ice Arena in Beaverton on Tuesday afternoon.  Sounds like his gear arrived yesterday evening, so he should be on the ice this afternoon at the MC.  In the old days, players would check their gear except for their skates, which they would keep with them.  Now, skates are considered a weapon.  Maybe they are…you should ask Clint Malarchuk or Richard Zednik.

— Speaking of the MC, they had a public meeting there last night for those groups that submitted proposals for renovating the building to show their submissions and to discuss their ideas for change.  The Winterhawks and Portland Trailblazers put together their joint presentation that detailed their proposed renovations and changes.

All told, there were over 90 groups represented with close to 30 making formal presentations.  They ranged from strictly renovating the building to converting the building to a luxury resort and sports destination.  Some were making it more business related while others were simply people thinking outside the box on how to change the inside of the box that is the MC.

I didn’t stick around for all the presentations, but it was an interesting night for people in Portland to show their ideas.

Next up, the advisory council will select a smaller number of candidates to generate actual proposals, including costs and finance requirements for further review.  From what I’m told, they will contact those groups in February with the proposals due mid-March with a decision to be made in spring 2010.

As they say…stay tuned…

— For the second time this season, Ian Curtis was named the CHL Goaltender of the Week, becoming the first player to get that honor twice in 2009-10.

Ian’s 18 wins on the season is the most for any Hawk goaltender since Krister Toews had 25 wins in 2003-04.

— So far this season, the Hawks have 11 players on their roster with at least 20 points on the season.  That is the most since the Hawks had 12 players in 2001-02 and 13 players in 2000-01.  The 1997-98 Memorial Cup team had 12 with 20 points as well.

Next up, Taylor Aronson who is sitting at 19 points.

— In one of those weird statistical years, the three teams battling for positioning in the U.S. Division all have a better road win percentage than a home ice win percentage.   Everett is .660 on the road while .640 at home; Portland is .615 on the road while .600 at home; Spokane is .635 on the road while .543 at home.

They are the only three teams in the WHL with a better road percentage than home.

Hmmm…maybe that explains why Spoke got trounced last night in Kamloops 8-1…going for the road ice advantage in the opening round?  I jest…but it makes you go hmmmm…

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  1. “In the old days, players would check their gear except for their skates, which they would keep with them. Now, skates are considered a weapon. Maybe they are…you should ask Clint Malarchuk or Richard Zednik.”


  2. Until the renovation of the Glass Palace occurs, they should leave the curtains down. By taking the curtains away for that one game, it showed what a neat building the MC could be again.
    Of course, they would have to get rid of all the Tri City and Kamloops colors in there (seats and section numbers).

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