The Curtains are Down, Let’s Play Hawkey!!!!

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  1. Sweet, I wish they would open them more often for Hawks games …. are they doing just for the game tonight?

  2. Its been a while in the MC… I remember 1988-89 season with a full house Vs. Seattle…

  3. just curious…

    Why don’t they do that for every game?

  4. I sincerely hope this sort of look/feel to the old MC is a part of the renovation plans the team is looking at. Can you just picture a cold January night while the Hawks are playing and you look up to see the snow falling outside? Beautiful…

  5. I noticed the curtains were down last night – felt a lot more open…. I loved it! The black curtains always made me feel like we were hiding something!

  6. I thought it was amazing – I loved the curtains being down! In fact, I hope they never put them up again. :) I did notice in the “Jumptown” plans from the Blazer and the Hawks that the MC was open like that with no curtains. I think its a great idea.

  7. I thought the look was refreshing. It did give a different feel to the building. It was a welcome change for me.

  8. The glass tends to magnify the heat on sunny days which causes problems maintaining a decent sheet of ice. It’s easier to control the temperature with the curtains closed. Less expensive to control the temperature, anyways. Looks awesome with them open though!

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