More Updates…

With the addition of Luca Sbisa…defenseman Joe Morrow will switch to #7 and Sbisa (when ready to join the line-up) will wear #5.

Also, the Hawks have recalled Taylor Peters back to Portland from Penticton.

With the moves, the Hawks roster looks like this:

14 forwards

7 defensemen

2 goalies

23 total players

By age:

89’s – Doyle/Francis/Schneider

90’s – Bennett/Curtis/Jordan/Sbisa/Walker

91’s – Aronson/Boychuk/Gabriel/Ponich

92’s – Carruth/Johansen/Kopitar/Morrow/Niederreiter/Peters/Ross/Rutkowski

93’s – Rattie/Swenson/Wotherspoon

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  1. Looks like you’ve got Morrow on there twice, and Wotherspoon’s name got cut off.

  2. Corrected…thanks…


  3. I was just wondering what’s up with Kyle Madsen? I see him listed on the players profile on the the Hawks web site, is he still in the Hawks plans this season?

  4. what do you think the chances are of Sbisa returning next year as a 20 year old? Or do you think he will more likely play in the NHL next year?

  5. Madsen had major knee surgery in the preseason as it out for the year…also, I would be shocked if Sbisa is back as an overage next year.


  6. Josh: there is ZERO chance Luca is in the WHL next season. I love the deal.

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