Nino, Freakin’ Nino…

Nino Niederreiter will get a second chance to shake the hands of Team Canada after being the hero for Team Switzerland in their Quarter Final match-up against Team Russia, winning 3-2 in overtime.

Nino tied the game with 32 seconds remaining in the third period when he held the puck in twice at the blue line on attempted Russian clears before wristing home a shot off a Russian defender.

Then, in the final minute of overtime, Niederreiter won a puck battle in center ice, carried it across the line before putting a wrist shot on net that appeared to be directed by a Swiss player but as of now, Nino is credited with the winner and quite frankly, my dear, I don’t think the Swiss give a damn about who gets credit.

The Swiss will now get another crack at Canada in the Semi-Final at 1:30 local time tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. Great stuff – it’s exciting to see him having so much success! What an upset against Russia. His draft status is surely on the rise.

  2. Prediction: Nino will be a high 1st round pick, AND he will not last until his overage year in Portland. He’s that good, and he’s getting better. Enjoy watching him in Portland while you can. It won’t be long.

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