Highlight Video…

Here are the goal highlights from last night…

I have removed the Ian Curtis/Kyle Beach portion of the video at my own discretion…I’m sure it will end up on YouTube at some point…

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  1. So… I understand the “your blog, your rules” idea and support that.

    But care to offer a bit of an explanation? Seems rather odd…

  2. Wouldn’t want to paint the precious Ian Curtis in a negative light?

  3. Dan,
    the best explanation that I can offer is that I asked myself…if the player that Ian Curtis pushed was anyone other than Kyle Beach, would I have posted the video? I thought that I probably wouldn’t….so I pulled it off the video.

    I like to think that I carry myself with integrity and class, and I thought posting it after I asked myself the question above didn’t best coincide with those character traits.

    Hope that helps…


  4. Personally, a push is a push, if you haven’t seen it; you’re not missing much, just a “face wash” goalie style and Beach falling backwards from his knees, really nothing. I can understand Andy’s thought process as well, if one of our goalies had pushed Prab Rai (Seattle) or Dalton Thrower (Saskatoon, which had one hell of a fight the other night, the 15 yr old took care of a vet) it wouldn’t make any headlines besides what was said on the radio or fan forums, it would be old news an hour after it happened (or sooner.) Beach has a reputation for this and that is the only reason we WANT to see it, go to YouTube and just type in goalie face wash, I am sure you will find 100’s of them that were much worse. Just my two cents.


  5. go here and check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsDi6h16Kyk

    Andy im curious what did you think about this play? IT looks like kyle gets hooked down and then going to the net hits Curtis a little bit then curtis hits him in the face.. Such a reputation call its disgusting… or no call as well

  6. Fair enough, Andy…

    I respect that thought process.


  8. The title and the fact that the desc of the video was of Tyler Beach, not Kyle Beach LOL

  9. Heh. Gotta love the title of that youtube clip. “We was robed!!!”. Bad grammar and bad spelling has never looked so good! =)

  10. I can’t believe we are even commenting on this…… That play happens every game at least once. Who cares !!

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