Interesting Special Teams Stats…

One of the discussions lately has been the Winterhawks struggle on the penalty kill and in my head, I had the notion that the Hawks tend to give up a lot of power play goals against late in penalty kills when the PK teams seem to tire…so, I thought I’d look at the numbers and see if that notion bore any weight.

Well, after crunching the numbers, I’d have to say that I wasn’t just imagining things…so far, the Hawks have given up 37 power play goals against with 23 of the 37 (62%) of the goals against coming in the second minute of penalty kills.  To add emphasis, 13 of the 37 (35%) have come in the final 30 seconds of penalty kills.  Here is the breakdown:

0:00 – 0:29 — 5 goals against

0:30 – 0:59 — 9 goals against

1:00 – 1:29 — 10 goals against

1:30 – 1:59 — 13 goals against

The Hawks had a stretch where nine consecutive (and 15 of 18) were scored in the second half of penalty kills.  They also had a separate stretch where five consecutive were scored in the final 30 seconds of a penalty kill.

This leads me to believe that the Hawks aren’t clearing the zone on enough occasions, leading to long shifts and tired PK bodies.  Or, it tells me the first PK unit is doing a better job than the second and third PK units.

Conversely, the Winterhawks power play numbers are almost exactly the reverse of the penalty kill numbers.  The Hawks have scored 30 power play goals with 17 of the 30 (57%) scored in the first minute of the power play and 9 of the 30 (30%) have been scored in the first 30 seconds of the power play.  Here are the power play numbers for Portland:

0:00 – 0:29 — 9 goals scored

0:30 – 0:59 — 8 goals scored

1:00 – 1:29 — 8 goals scored

1:30 – 1:59 — 5 goals scored

To sum this up…when they score, it takes the Hawks on average 53.2 seconds to score on the power play while it takes the opponents 1:07.6 on average to score against the Hawks.

Other numbers…

Hawks fastest power play goal scored — 0:06

Hawks fastest power play goal allowed — 0:14

Hawks latest power play goal scored — 1:59

Hawks lastest power play goal allowed — 1:57

Just some numbers to chew on as we wait to take on the Everett Silvertips tomorrow night at the Rose Garden…

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  1. Andy,

    I appreciate you putting this kind of stuff together, as it is very interesting (as well as everything else you post)

    However, the contrarian in me looks at it kind of like all these charts & graphs at my work. There are plenty of office folks (I work in manufacturing) who work hard on all those things, when what they really come down to is that I’m gonna get stuck working Saturday.

    What these numbers add up to is = stay outta the damn box!

  2. Andy – this could be another nice carrot of research. Occasionally, in the past, you have come up with some things that even the coaching staff has found interesting. This could be another one!

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