Happy Thanksgiving…

Just home from a long trip to Tri City…nothing good to say about that one (although nice to see Stefan Schneider pot a couple)…so, I’ll leave you with…
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Andy and to all of the Winterhawk family. I will leave you with this number: 7 – 6 – 6 …. Thats the number of goals Mac and Ian has given up since the trade of Mucha,. OUCH !

  2. man I am glad we traded Mukes so our number 1 could get pulled after 2 goals on what 4 or 5 shots

    2 down a few more to go

  3. It may takes sometime for Ian Curtis to settle down and play like a #1 goalie – he will get there. As far as Carruth . . . not so sure he was the best choice to sign as a back-up. Saw him play prior to joining the Hawks and to be honest he is a good goalie but will need a lot of work to mature and be able to compete at this level. Is there time for that to happen? Time will tell. Is there any truth to the rumor that Carruth’s scholarship was pulled due to academic reasons and that’s why he wanted to jump ship from the NAHL to the Dub? Politics . . . gotta love it.

  4. You people make mucha out to be the next martin brodeur. Come on he was an average goalie at the very best. Move on now. The kid that got screwed was leclerc. mucha is no better.

  5. Hey Larry!

    NO Mucha got screwed. How would feel seeing all that rubber the past 3 years. THe Hawks finally get some talent on both sides of the blue line. You love the city and organization. You are willing to return instead of going to the minors because you believe in the organization. You and your team win games, in fact have won more road games this year than ALL of last season. Make the playoffs, and then blind-side and goes to Kamloops, who no better than the Winterhawks the past 3 years. I would be pissed too,

    I was one of the guys e-mailing to trade Mucha last year, beacause he was your biggest assets. However, trading him now for a 4th round pick is just confusing and makes you want to scratch your head. Don’t like the timing. And now the Hawks are 0 – 3 without him heading into Seattle looking for blood. Might be a long night in Seattle, I am glad they are not playing in the old Seattle Arena,

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