Reddin A Raider…

The trade winds continued to blow through Portland this morning when the Winterhawks dealt 19 year old forward Colin Reddin to the Prince Albert Raiders for a 4th Round pick in the 2010 WHL Bantam Draft in 2010.

Reddin had appeared in 24 games this season, posting 3-3-6 with 26 penalty minutes.

In his career with the Hawks, he played in 119 games, scoring 19-26-45 with 93 PIM’s.

The native of Corona Del Mar, CA, joined the Hawks halfway through the 2007-08 season from the U.S. National Development Team and then appeared in all 72 games last season for Portland.

The move gets the Hawks down to 23 players (14 forwards, 7 defensemen and 2 goalies) and opens up room for players like Seth Swenson and Gasper Kopitar to get more ice time.

I want to wish Colin the best of luck with the Raiders…

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  1. I would like to know WTF is going on in the front office? We talk about righting the ship, turning things around, and now they are dumping off players like yesturdays garbage? What a slap in the face for Mukes….I mean the fact that he turned down his minor league contract, and granted it wasn’t an offer that he or his family felt was good enough, but he still turned it down to come back HOME and help for a deep run in the post season, and finish out as a HAWK, not a damn BLAZER!!! He returns to portland and wants to finish his career as a hawk. The new owenrship states in writing, how excited they are to have him back in the pipes. How our shot at a deep playoff run looks much brighter and for us, the agonizing season ticket holders, who had to watch the past 3 years of crap, we are finally going to have something to cheer for. Then this….Makes me want to puke. Good Luck Mukes, Our Family wishes you the very best, you deserve better than this!!!

    Now we off Reddin?? Who’s next?? I would duck outta sight and lay low, looks like someone just sharpened his axe and is swinging it. This doesn’t make any sense.

    Can anyone try to explain this?? Hey Coach, yeah you, EXPLAIN THIS……………

  2. With all the trades what is the draft looking like as far as #’s? How many do we have for 2010 and beyond?

  3. I really hope COACH knows what he is doing I think we are about to experience several loses in a row because the guys are gonna be thinking man I could be next instead of focusing on the task at hand winning the game we are playing. I mean we are in second place and we are making trades like we are in last place and building for the future again.

  4. Has anyone noticed that we are near the top of the league, instead of dead last. This new group of owners have saved hockey in Portland. I say we need to have some faith in our team.

  5. 1 down several more to go

  6. You guys all need to calm down! Dont you understand? Yes, Reddin was fun to watch and is a skilled player but, a player like him should be one of the top six forwards. With the addition of some of our newest talent in Niederreiter, Johansen, Rattie, and the second year Brad Ross just to name a few, we simply didn’t have a good roll for Collin Reddin and he deserves a better roll than what he was playing. So the fair thing to do is to trade him to a team that is looking for a player just like him and hopefully he can crack their top six forwards in P.A. It will also open up some more ice time for Kopitar and Gabriel after he fully recovers. Now stop bashing our coach and GM he knows exactly what he is doing and even though you don’t understand it now, perhaps a Memorial Cup championship in a few years will help. And Mucha cannot help Portland beyond this season it was his last year, but Curtis will still be here for years to come. He needs the experience and by the way his stats were similar to Muchas and he is younger!
    This was in response to “Muchas#1fan” who asked for someone to explain this. I hope this helps to understand the trades a little better.

  7. Hey Josh…. First of all Curtis does not have years reamining, its more like Months, and I think he will get hurt one more time before this year is finished, so maybe a handful of weeks not years! As for Reddin, he was a good fit 2 years ago, when the Hawks had NO talent, and he was 19. He was no Luke Walker, Lets see how the younger players do. I think it tells you the talent on the forward lines are a long stronger this year than years past. Remember Killian Hutt could not make the roster this year, Both Hutt and Redding were the # 2 line last 2 years. That tells me the Hawks have better younger talent.

    Also, upset the fans? What fans? the Hawks are drawing NOTHING!!! The Hawks have played a lot of home games this year with the attendence UNDER 4,000. Thats embarassing…. Don’t tell me the trades are upsetting the fans, the fans are betraying the Hawks. This is a good team, this is not 2007-08 years,

    So go support them, I bet you if more fans went to the games, they would realize this teams does not need Hutt or Reddin

    THats all for me

  8. Andy with all the trades where do we stand for draft picks next year?,and if we do have an influx of picks is it possible ( and we know it is) that some of these draft picks to be packaged in a deal to another rebuilding situation for a solid player?

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