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The term “trade value” gets thrown around a lot and one of the things that I’ve noticed since moving out of the general fan base and into the broadcast position is that the fans interpretation of “trade value” and actual “trade value” are often nowhere close to each other.

Please note that this not a criticism nor an attempt to justify or explain the reasoning behind the deal that sent Kurtis Mucha to Kamloops for a fan perceived low value of a 4th round bantam pick in 2010.

To date, there have been eight trades in 2009-10 (according to the WHL Transactions page) involving 1989 born players, or overage players, they are:

Giffen Nyren to Calgary for a conditional 6th Rd. Pick in 2010

Kurtis Mucha to Kamloops for a 4th Rd. Pick in 2010

Dustin Donaghy to Lethbridge for a 6th Rd. Pick in 2010

Del Cowan to Calgary for a conditional 8th Rd. Pick in 2011

Milan Kytnar to Vancouver for a 3rd Rd. Pick in 2010

Linden Rowat to Lethbridge for a conditional 5th Rd. Pick in 2010

Chris Langkow to Everett for a 6th Rd. Pick in 2010 + a 3rd Rd. Pick in 2011

Radim Valchar to Lethbridge for a conditional 6th Rd. Pick in 2010

So…by looking at these deals, the 4th Round Pick in return for Mucha puts it in the top three returns for an overage player dealt (behind the 3rd rounder for Kytnar and the two picks for Langkow).

So far, the only draft picks that have been higher that have been traded is the 3rd rounder for Kytnar and the 2nd rounder that Tri City gave up for Eric Mestery (which, for some reason, is not listed on the WHL transactions page).

I guess to sum this up…Western Hockey League General Manager’s, for the most part, aren’t stupid.   They know that it would be foolish to give up a prospect or a younger roster player for a player in the final year of their WHL eligibility.

Portland didn’t have to trade Mucha as they were not over the limit on overage players, but with the addition of Mac Carruth, GM Mike Johnston said he wouldn’t keep three goaltenders on the roster for very long and he lived up to that comment by making the best deal he could.

Does it make it easier to swallow for long time fans who have a very emotional attachment to Kurtis Mucha?  Nope…and it shouldn’t be easy to swallow.

One of the great things about Junior Hockey is the connection between the players and the fans.   The fans get to know the players on a personal level as they are more approachable than professional athletes.   They see them at the pizza shows, autograph sessions and on the concourse when they are not playing.

The attachment to Mucha is maybe more so than any other player that has been traded for what has gone on in the five years he has been with the Hawks.  As I said before, he was the face of the organization and he was the most recognizable player on some very poor teams.

I am not saying that fans should like this trade or be happy about the outcome…I am just saying that what they may perceive as “trade value” isn’t really anywhere close to what the actual “trade value” of a player is.

That is reality and as the old saying goes, sometimes reality bites…

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  1. Well said Andy

  2. My opinion is that if that’s all Mucha is worth in a trade, than he was much more valuable here.

    Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

  3. Well said Andy… On the personal side though with the exception of Valchar, I really don’t care what the other guys were worth we’re talking about Mukes here… :-)

    Little tongue in cheek humor there. I know in my head it was the move that needed to be made for the future of the club. In my heart it feels like Johnston turned his back on the fans and Mucha.

    Either way we’ll get through this and will be contenders for a few years to come. As for me I’m looking foraward to buying a NHL jersey with Mucha on the back and then planning a trip to see if I can get the rockstar to autograph it.

  4. I fully understand trade value for an oreage goaltender is not that high. But if you are gonna deal Muchs why not package another player so we can get an impact player in return. We have a ton of talented 15 year olds. Why not trade Curtis. Next year he will be an overage himself and I think there will be enough guys coming back as possible 20 year olds that curtis is just gonna take up a spot. You’ve got Carruth who is gonna be back next year and you could bring back Hamilton or one of your 15 year olds. I know Johnston only wanted to keep two goalies on the roster and understandabl so, but I think you could have made a better move for the team. Both for the present and the future! Thanks

  5. Well said Kemper….

    You and Todd make sure you secure your drinks @ Teddy Bear Toss Toss….

  6. WOW!! Thats kinda sad to see. The guy breaking so many team records and they trade him off… Hope that pick is a good one.
    How is Mucha feeling about this Andy?
    Kinda weird that the team was doing so good and then they pull a stunt like this. Hope it doesnt empty the seats more than they were…. These guys deserve better.

  7. Now Collin Reddin…. I played sports when I was younger (soccer for close to 15 yrs & hockey for 2), and it was always sad to see somone leave after everyone on the team started clicking so well, I feel for the Hawks!
    The season isnt over, but these kind of things are big distractions and can make everyone else on the team feel like they could be next.
    Good luck guys!

  8. 2012


    GO HAWKS!!!

  9. I have no problem with dealing a 20 year old player. That, unfortunately, is one of the dirty parts of this business, and there are plenty. I generally recall, however, that as the season goes on, and teams seem to be trying to make a run, that veteran goalies that can win a game or even a series by themselves, are very vulauable commodities – please correct if I am wrong. However, it sounds like Muchs and his agent want him playing, and playing a lot, and that probably sealed the deal. Nonethless, in light of the situation, and Muchs loyalty and service to the PWH, who in my estimation havent really returned the favor, I think the Hawks couldve done better. If not for themselves, certainly for the young man. He desrves better than to be dealt back into what sounds like a less than ideal situation in Kamloops. If the Hawks truly want to turn the corner, and come all the way back, they need to be, I feel, more cognizant of what also good for the young men involved. Word gets around, and u never know who’s paying attention. Some day, what may seem like a smart, purely business decision like this, can come back and cost u, perhaps in the form of not signing a top prospect down the road because a parent might remember that the team has cast off its veteran players in the past and may not want that lot for his own son . . . just some thoughts

  10. This really came down to Mucha or Curtis, and in the end the choice was to go with Curtis. Portland has to develop a young net minder and if Mac is going to get a shot, then the Hawks could really only have two on the active roster… My concern is that Ian has had some health issues and now will be looked at to be in net 3 out of 4??? I think for this year it weakens the team, but for 2011 and beyond Portland needs that next young goalie. If Mac isn’t that guy, they could still fall back on Ian Curtis as a 20 next year… and picking who stays as a 20 next year could be tough.

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