Video Highlights…

The Francis tying goal:

The entire shootout:



  1. Was the shootout goal the first time Berglund ever put a puck in the net? I understand being excited but wow if someone taunted me that bad that kid would be leaving in a stretcher next time I saw him…… Aside from that terrific hockey game you don’t see strange things like that every day and it’s the kind of games that Seattle and Portland need to play against each other again to get people in the seats for both teams.

  2. Josh, I didn’t take it as taunting for himself. I think it was for the entire team. We had had two goals disallowed and Hawk emotions were running very high. I think he was trying to rattle the Birds a little, as they say, get in their cage? Exciting game!

  3. Andy, I should have thanked you for posting the video. Hoefully On Demand will update the broadcast to include the full shootout. Thanks again!

  4. I agree with Josh

    I was sitting right above the goal and saw the reaction of Berglund. Then I saw the low fist pump over and over. No big deal, right.

    Then Berglund proceeded down the glass until he approached the Seattle bench (still fist pumping). He continued until he was passed the Seattle bench, all the time staring them down.

    I hope that was all excitement and nothing more. Don’t be surprised if he takes a big hit in the next Seattle game.

    Great result….frustrating second period. Kudos to Francis.

  5. I said it at the time, and just compared the Francis goal to the Forsberg goal in the 94 olympics, and its the same move.

    Brian Wheeler uses the phrase, “You’ve been posterized!” on the Blazers broadcasts – I at the game I said, “You’ve been postage-ized!” about poor Calvin Pickard

  6. I had to go back and watch it again. I think I have to agree with Lena here. I think he was trying to get the crowd more into it with a little chirping at the Seattle bench. That’s hockey, what isn’t hockey is wanting to see a player ” leaving on a stretcher”

  7. Andy I was wondering if there was any information that I might have missed about Ian Crutis. I noticed the last 2 games that we have had Baadsvik as a back up. Is Ian out of commision for a while?

  8. Nothing wrong with what Berglund did. We got screwed over on those two dissallowed goals, nothing like throwing it back in Seattles face….remember this is Seattle we’re playing.

    Seattle got what was coming to em’ and theres nothing like trying to rekindle the old rivalry, instead of the tame whiny games that we’ve had to put up with the past 4 years or so.

  9. Hey Josh, would you rather Berglund skated by the Seattle bench and apologized for scoring? Get real man.

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