A Little Bit of Everything…

FrancisLast night’s game at the Rose Garden was like a good movie…it had a little bit of everything…drama, intrigue, controversy, heroes, villians, and in the end, a happy ending for the home crowd.

Certainly, it was a good night for the guy pictured on the left (photo courtesy Bryan Heim) as Chris Francis scored three times and then potted the game winner in the shootout to propel the Hawks to an improbable 4-3 victory over Seattle.

Improbable because it isn’t often a team scores with less than a second left in regulation to force overtime, not necessarily because of the way the team played.

Give Seattle a ton of credit, they played a solid bend-don’t break road game that on most nights would have led to two points behind the solid goaltending of Calvin Pickard.

The game came down to a mere nine tenths of a second that was added to the gameclock after Pickard held a dump-in shot long enough to get a whistle from Derek Zalaski.  The clock showed 1.7 seconds and it appeared that it would stay that way.  But, the video review booth, as they are supposed to do, reviewed the footage and determined that there was 2.6 seconds left and the time was added.  This was just enough time for Francis to find a loose puck and wrist home a bouncing shot from the left face-off circle to tie the score and send the crowd into pandemonium.

The shootout had a couple dandy goals – by Jacob Berglund and Francis – and a tremendous poke check by Kurtis Mucha on Sena Acolatse to send the Hawks to their second shootout win of the season and fourth win in four games that have gone into extra time.

In the end, it was a tremendously entertaining hockey game that came at a perfect time for Portland with nearly 9,000 people in the Rose Garden and a game that could hopefully bring many of those fans back out to watch this team.

Also, the game was televised on Comcast Channel 15 last night and if you want to watch the game, if you are a Comcast Digital subscriber, the game is available On Demand right now (we got it on right now at home!).   Search the On Demand feature and you will find the broadcast.

P1010179Lastly, a swim-a-thon update on my daughter Aiden…

They held the event yesterday morning at the outside pool at the Hillsboro Park and Rec Center and it was a fun event.

Aiden swam for two hours continuosly and she nearly made the target of 200 lengths, swimming 184 lengths in the two hours which measures out to 4,600 yards.   The last 20 minutes or so were swam in a pouring rain…a tremendous effort.

Trust me, she was tired when she was done…

Thanks to all that contributed to her fund-raiser and there is still time to donate if you want to do so…drop me an email at hawksblog@comcast.net if you’d like to help her in her fund-raising efforts.

That’s it for now…


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  1. Last night reminded me of why hockey is the best sport on earth. Absolutely complete reversal of fortune in a matter of split seconds and inches. Forgotten was the empty net attempt 20 seconds earlier that somehow went wide enough to eat some crossbar. Bottom line is, the Hawks cashed in on a soft goal for the first time in a week and a half, and by my count, one second short of 14 periods of hockey. They were most definitely due.

    Also, while I think the 9,000 number is wildly inflated, it was still nice to see a more than respectable amount of bodies in the Garden. The team looked refreshed, although still a little disorganized at times. Seattle’s forecheck is not nearly as strong as the Hawks made it look last night and the shot clock, in my opinion, was a little misleading as we were seeing a lot of pucks put gratuitously on net during dump ins and broken plays. Not a bad thing necessarily, but they didn’t carry the play nearly as much as one might think.

    Last night was a best case scenario in my eyes. A 4-1, ho hum victory wouldn’t have done nearly as much to potentially bring some of the not-so-die-hards back. It was an ugly(ish) win, but potentially a very pivotal one as this season’s fan base gains momentum. The team will ride this victory as well. The mobbing of Mucha after the shootout looked almost violent.

    Bottom line is, the Hawks are in what I believe is the toughest US Division in several years. No free rides.

  2. Something to be aware of watching the game on demand…we turned it on last night to see the interviews and intermission stuff…the show ends just as Berglund goes in for his shot!! The end isn’t there!!!

    I called Comcast this morning…they’re going to look into getting it fixed but said it might take a day or 2.

    It was a tremendous amount of fun. I can’t beleive people left early! They sure missed out.

  3. For those of you who left with a few second remaining so you could get a head start in getting out of the parking lot ……

  4. Kimi, I was going to say something about the shootout being cut short on demand too! That really ticked me off! Andy could we possibly get highlights of that on your blog please? I was at the game but my wife missed it and she wanted to see it. Thanks

  5. I have been going to winterhawk games since the 1980-1981 season, and i have seen
    all types of games. close games,blow outs,snoozers,brawls,bad offficiating you name it
    i have probably seen it. And in all that time there is one thing i have learned:

    Like Sue I’m laughing at the ones who left early saturday night.

  6. I had the distinct pleasure of watching the game on Saturday night. Living in China and visiting Portland on business, the first thing I check is the hockey schedule to see when I can catch a game. I begged the company for the corporate suite…and my workmates came through. I then talked 20 of my colleagues from all around the world to give hockey a chance and come out to the game…

    This morning, I am hearing from nearly all of them about what a great experience and what fun it was. Many of these colleagues live here in Portland and they too, hadn’t seen a hockey game before and are now hooked.

    As the Winterhawks continue to progress both on and off the ice…this may be a game that is looked back on as a salient point in time in the rebirth of a great, great franchise.

    Hawks on the Warpath…

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